random flow generator

  1. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build RFG on a biocube 32 led

    Anyone know what the output nozel size is for this? And if a random flow generator is worth it? I imagine it’ll cut down on the gph through my return and it’s the stock pump. Thanks.
  2. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Waterbox Aquariums and the Random Flow Generator - A Perfect Match!

    We just took all the guess work out of adding a Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your Waterbox® Aquarium. The New Waterbox Flow Kits featuring the Random Flow Generator are available in two sizes and cover the entire line of Waterbox Aquariums. Now Available at SatwaterAquarium.com and Marine...
  3. omgnotyouagain

    New Jersey Dry Good Trade WTT corals for equipment

    I have lots of corals at the moment and I’m looking for some equipment let’s help each other out. items I need Heaters - preferred if they where 100w or more Wave pump- would love and gyre if anyone has one laying around, an mp10 small skimmer. *** a must an ato *** live rock, frag rack...
  4. nanonøkk

    random flow question

    ok so i’m gonna be upgrading my flow in my tank and when i was ordering the pump i had an idea. so i ordered a y split and two random flow generators with an adapter so i can split the flow to go around the tank. my question is is if i do that can i effectively remove this small pump i have in...
  5. michael squire


    so i ordered a random flow generator and it came in the mail today and it is way to small for the fluval evo 13.5 and i’m not happy! i have no idea how to measure how big the nozzle would need to be or anything does anyone have any links or names to rfg’s that would fit the fluval evo 13.5??
  6. BurgerFish

    Is VCA Random Flow Generator worth it?

    Hi, I want to try a VCA Random Flow Generator. I have a 3/4in tubing and around 1000 GPH return. I want to install two 3/4in VCA Random Flow Generator. It's a good idea? Many members here try to sell those generators, perhaps they don't like them? Thanks
  7. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Reef-A-Palooza Orlando - Who's going?

    @Reef A Palooza Orlando, 2019 is just a little over 3 weeks away and we are super excited to get back out there and show off the Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle – the ONLY random flow generating device on the market with NO MOVING PARTS. Stop by and see us at booth 321 and see the RFG in...
  8. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    The Random Flow Generator is Now Available Throughout Europe!

    We are very excited to announce that De Jong Marinelife, Europe's leading supplier of marinelife, dry goods and aquarium related equipment, is now an Authorized Distributor of the VCA product line. This means the Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle is now available throughout Europe. If you are in...
  9. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    We are excited to be returning to RAP CA

    Just wanted to say that we are excited to be returning to Reef-a-Palooza California in a little less than two weeks. It was a year a go that @Vivid Creative Aquatics showed at RAP CA 2017 and it was our first, national-level conference/tradeshow. We received an extremely warm welcome by the...
  10. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    HUGE Random Flow Generator - We're going REALLY big this time!

    Just wanted to share a project we are working on for a public aquarium. Cant reveal too much just yet, but i can share this monster RFG nozzle. This is the largest production model to date. It is being designed for a 4in pipe with up to 150 to 250 GPM Overall dimensional are approx 9.5in x...
  11. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Atención México Reefers! | Attention Mexico Reefers!

    The Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle is now available locally in Mexico! Reefers Anónimos has brought the RFG to the local market and offers shipping to all part of Mexico. For more information, visit them online at: Reefers Anónimos http://reefersanonimos.com/...
  12. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    MACNA 2018 - Just 30 days way!

    Who’s getting excited about @MACNA this year? We are exactly 1 month away from this MACNA 2018, and since this will be the first MACNA for @Vivid Creative Aquatics, it’s extra special for us. So, if you'll be there, either as an attendee or as an exhibitor, please be sure to stop by...
  13. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    1in RFG Nozzle for Sea Swirls and Threaded Bulkheads!

    The new 1in Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle with the 1in modal hose fitting and NPT part is now available. it's perfect for your 1in Sea Swirl or threaded 1in bulkheads. . https://vividcreativeaquatics.com/shop/1in-random-flow-generator-with-1in-modular-hose-fitting-rfgs100ll/ The RFG...
  14. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Reef Hobbyist Magazine Reviews the RFG!

    Have you seen the latest issue of Reef Hobbyist Magazine? If not, we won't spoil it for you. Get to your local fish store and pick up a copy. While you're there, buy yourself a new fish or coral... You deserve it :-) Keep an eye on your new Where to buy map - We'll be adding new local fish...
  15. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Random Flow Generator- 1in RFG100 - Q&A

    These threads is here to give you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers regarding the 1in RFG Nozzle (RFG100) Here are a few videos that show the 1in RFG in action. RFG100 @ 920GPH This is right in the middle of the suggested optimal GPH rate for this nozzle RFG100 @ 320GPH This is...
  16. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Random Flow Generator- 3/4in RFG075 - Q&A

    We are going to start a series of threads that each feature one of our Random Flow Generator nozzles. These threads will give you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers regarding specific RFG nozzles. To get us started, here are a few videos that show the 3/4in RFG in action. A trio...
  17. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    RFG Nozzles Now Available in Canada!

    Are you a Canadian Reefer and want to give the Random Flow Generator a try? Now you can get it faster than ordering direct from VCA by going to Aquarium Depot out of Toronto. For more information, or to place an order, visit them online at: https://www.aquariumdepot.ca
  18. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Random Flow Generator Show Off Thread - Show us your Tank!

    Do you run the Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle in your aquarium - want to show it off? We would love to see it. Post pics of you tank - be sure to include shots that show your RFG Nozzle. Videos are great too. There is no better way to show the flow than with a video :) You can learn more abtou...