red algae

  1. Hugo Garcia

    Help ID Algea

    Hello guys, I’m need some help to ID this Algea bloom in my tank. I had a lot of hair algea in my tank, so I did a fluconazole treatment, and it worked really well. Then I did a large water change, and after that I got this green algea all over the sand. I know my nitrates might be high, but...
  2. B

    Hello Red hair algea

    Red hair algae
  3. 99gtbaby

    Red slime algae?

    Started week two of my cycle on a 55 gallon tank, tank has 55lbs of sand, two bags were live sand, and about 40lbs of rock that was bone dry when put in. I noticed these tiny reddish brown areas on my rocks. My water temp is 80°F, ammonia earlier was 1, Ph was 8.1, nitrite was 2 and nitrate was...
  4. adamlodge14

    Red algae?

    Could anyone help to identify what this is? It’s covering my zoas and I’m scared it’s killing them! -15 gallon -cleaner shrimp, Randall’s pistol shrimp -pink streaked wrasse, Yasha goby -strawberry conch, nassarius, trochus -3 zoas, 1 leather, 1 mushroom, 1 Xenia and 1 Duncan -tank is 3 months...
  5. reddevilant

    New York WTB Looking for a variety of macro algae

    I'm looking to buy a lot of different types of macros to add to my collection in a 90g tank I started in January. I already have and thus not looking for: -Red Ogo -Red/pink galaxaura -Blue scroll algae -Red titanophora -Blue hypnea -Red king thorn -Botryocladia Occidentalis (red grape)...
  6. A


    I have this red growing On a good bit of rock is this normal? what is it?
  7. B

    Red algae ID

    Had some red algae pop up maybe a year after I bought a small piece of live rock. Have seen similar different species in ID threads but unsure. I think it's attractive and would like to keep it, just want to make sure it's not invasive or problematic in any other way. So far so good hasn't...
  8. CaribReef

    Please Help me identify and propagate this!

    Good Day! I have been growing this for years but only after moving to a new tank has this started to pop! now I want to propagate this algae to another side of the tank and I was wondering if anyone can help me identify and give me some tips to propagate this algae successfully
  9. S

    Which Algae is this?

    Hi guys Got some algae issues. But before I go ahead and do something about it I wanted to ask your help to identify the algae, so I am 100% sure. I think it’s green and red Cyano bacteria. But will be great if you can please help. Tank is about 3 months old. Cheers, Shiv
  10. M

    Green and Red Algae taking over ...

    Hi Guys, i need your help, my rock used to clean for the past 10months but last weeks i am starting to have a greener aquarium with some red algaes also. Photos attached, what should i do? What is missing? What have i done wrong? Many thanks Cheers Miguel
  11. M

    Anyone know what this is?

    The seller thought it might be Dragon's Breath but it doesn't really look like it to me.
  12. Captain Jack

    Please help, red slime algae or coralline?

    Can someone please help me identify this red algae? How do I get rid of it? It seems to be spreading fairly fast and starts out as a mossy looking growth with air bubbles coming out of it, I thought it was healthy at first... there are also tiny little white, or clear/transparent ant looking...
  13. Mike N

    Red bubble algae?

    Is it red bubble algae? I don't see it anywhere else in the tank.
  14. jsker

    Nasty case of red cyano and my battle

    A bit of history I have a 72 inch bowl front, with a total volume of 80 gallons of water. I have been messing with red cyanobacteria for the past year. I have treated the tank twice now, once with a different product and now with Chemi-Clean Pro liquid. My questions: I am about at 32 hours, and...
  15. FLSharkvictim

    Small Red Algae Bloom that I have just noticed! Could use your help?

    This red Algae brushes right off with a tooth brush and it's only on a few pcs of my live rocks. Anyway, so far I have cut back on my feeding, Doing weekly 10-gallon water changes instead of 20 gallons every other week. Running ROWAPHOS & Carbon ROX by BRS in my Dual Reactor and keeping a close...
  16. WhiskeyCoffee

    Red algae w/ bubble?

    Noticed this red algae starting to spread, looks like maybe a bubble growing in it? What could be going on and how do I treat it? Thanks!! I recently upped my lighting by 5% and started doing Continuum Coral Exponential which I'm going to stop immediately.