For sale String of Pearls Macro!!!

I still have plenty more of my beautiful String of Pearls macro that can be quite hard to find elsewhere.
$20.00 to $40.00

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I still have a whole lot of my String of Pearls algae! It's too beautiful to just trim and throw away! Anything I send out won't just be a single strand of the algae as most branches also have 1-3 other branches growing off of it as well.

PRICES: I decided to sell pieces about 5-6 inches long for $20 + whatever shipping speed/method the buyer preferred (I can do either USPS or UPS). I have A LOT of it so I can also do much larger pieces. 7-9 inches is $30 and 10+ inches is $40 (plus shipping).

SHIPPING: The price does NOT include shipping as I want to allow buyers to choose whichever shipping speed/method they preferred (I can do either USPS or UPS). Typically, USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) is $10, UPS ground shipping (4-5 days) is up to $12 depending on location, and UPS 3-day shipping is up to $30 depending on location.

A heat pack will be included, I'm from NY and its currently reaching very low 40s to 30s at night. Also, if interested, I could ship the algae tied to a frag disk with fishing line.


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Jan 25, 2021
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Long Island, NY
Here's some info on my experience with it. :D

Growth: The macro itself grows pretty quick, you should see each branch have a new pearl about every week or two. However, the holdfast that forms at the bottom end does take while, a few weeks to maybe a month and a half for me. I never glue any type of macro just because it always seems to die on me with glue. So for this algae originally tied it down with fishing line to some rock rubble and just made sure the bottom was touching where I wanted it to attach to. Once the holdfast grows in its pretty solid.

Lighting: I have two Kessil A80 Suns and a cheap LED Aqueon strip light that has blue and white lights. Overall, my lighting is a little under-powered for a 90 gal. Because of this, I have it higher in my tank that you might want to place it. The macro likes moderate light so if your tank has strong lighting I'd put it in somewhere in the bottom half of your tank.

Flow: I just have 2 HOB Seachem Tidal filters and two Hydor (1050 gph) powerheads. IME, as long as it's not being completely blasted by flow it'll be ok. But the pieces that have grown the fastest have moderate flow that is enough to make it gently sway back and forth.

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