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  1. drernesto

    ReefBot V2 is here!

    ReefBot V2 is here! The ReefBot V2 is finally here!! Aimed mainly to stabilize your tank parameters to create a healthier ecosystem for your precious corals and fish. With its 8 vials, the ReefBot V2 can test all the essential parameters of your tank faster and more efficiently than its...
  2. Reef Kinetics

    Sanjay: I love the product and the service

    Sanjay Joshi: "I have been using the Reefbot since it was first released. I liked the concept when I first saw an early prototype version at MACNA. I use it to test Phosphate, Nitrate and Alkalinity on all my tanks. I just bring the tank water to it, and let it run overnight and wake up to the...
  3. Reef Kinetics

    How Does High Phosphates Affect My Aquarium?

    While phosphorus is important for the development of livestock, it can be risky for aquaria occupants, especially corals. The perfect level of phosphorus in saltwater reef aquaria is 0.02 - 0.03 ppm. How Does High Phosphates Affect My Aquarium? -High phosphate induces Algae Growth. When Algae...
  4. Reef Kinetics

    National Cleanup Day

    On National Cleanup day, we at Reef Kinetics encourage you all to take action and clean the areas around you from litter and waste. Post your before and after pictures #WorldCleanupDay. #reefkinetics #reefbot #ReefBotPro
  5. JaysLittleOcean

    Unable to Locate Original ReefBot for Sale?

    I have been experiencing issues with my Reef Kinetics Reef Bot returning results originally from only my Red Sea Magnesium test kit and recently my API Calcium test kit. After a number emails exchanges with the support team they have offered to have my unit returned to be diagnosed at the...
  6. AquariumSpecialty

    Reef Kinetics ReefBots & Accessories in Stock

    The ReefBots have become a very popular item and we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking them in our warehouse. Same day shipping available if you order before 3:30 PM on all in-stock items.
  7. Reef Kinetics

    For the first time ever, Iodine can be tested autonomously!

    The Reefbot is now compatible with Giesemann Aquaristic Iodine Test Kit. You can read your Iodine levels between 0 and 0.1 ppm! Don't forget to use coupon code rklovesr2r at checkout for a 50$ discount!
  8. Reef Kinetics

    Christmas offer from Reef Kinetics

    Due to popular demand, we are offering $100 off the ReefBot this Christmas ! Use coupon code: HOHO100 at checkout. . #alliwantforchristmasisyou #reefbot #reefkinetics
  9. Reef Kinetics

    The Importance of Maintaining a Reef-Life Balance

    Reefing is a joyful obsession; no two true reefers can argue about that. However, it’s important to keep a lid on the time commitment we allow for reefing, so that it doesn’t affect our quality of life. Below are five ideas that will help you keep your balance and remain in control. 1) Don’t...
  10. Reef Kinetics

    Inappropriate Reefer visited us during RAP NY

    For this video, Mok-Yi Chow of Inappropriate Reefer went to visit Reef Kinetics during ReefAPaloozaNY to learn more about the Reef Bot. Check out this amazing piece of piece of machinery in action through our friend Mok yi. Special Discount Code for Inappropriate Reefer was also made for this...
  11. drernesto

    Reef News Network: LET A ROBOT TEST YOUR TANK!

    LET A ROBOT TEST YOUR TANK! (2019) $50 off ReefBot – Coupon: RKLOVESRNN
  12. Reef Kinetics

    Independence Day $75 discount

    Happy Independence Day from the Reef Kinetics team Just add the code at check out! Click here to buy!
  13. Jeremy Chatham

    ReefBot Reef Kinetics Issues Post them Here

    If you are having trouble with your ReefBot, lets discuss them here. Lets find out if we are all having the same issues. I am currently experiencing the following issues with my new reefbot. 1.RoDi and waste container volumes are not calibrated correctly. 2.Result Values are not accurate...
  14. AquariumSpecialty

    The Reef Bot from Reef Kinetics in Stock at Aquarium Specialty

    No waiting. We can ship right away. Happy Reefing.
  15. Reef Kinetics

    ReefBot testing for Nitrate, Phosphate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium

    Which parameter should we add next?
  16. Tft12

    Why isn't there more buzz about Reef Bot?

    I hear a lot of buzz about the coming Trident and about the possible someday arrival of the Mindstream, why isn't there much buzz about the already present Reef Bot by Reef Kinetics? Does it not work well? For the price, if it's able to do all the things it's intended to do, it seems like...
  17. MarineDepot

    Reef-A-Palooza Roundup: Highlights From the Show in Orlando!

    Reef-A-Palooza Roundup: Highlights From the Show in Orlando! A Water Testing Robot, Apex Control with Alexa, More Natural Rock Shapes, and Speaker Highlights!