ricordea florida

  1. Ryan's.Reef

    Help! Ricordea Florida not bubbling up? Unhealthy?

    I acquired this ricordea about a month ago and still shows no signs of progress in being healthy. I understand they like dirtier water and I added it right after a water change ‍♂️. However I’ve tried low light, bright light, shade, etc. and nothing seems to work. The store I got it from had...
  2. Ryan's.Reef

    Build Thread Reef Showcase Ryan’s Reef 10 gallon nano

    Here is my 10 gallon tank! Started back in February of 2022 this is what she looks like now! Animals Housed: 2 oscellaris clownfish 1 scarlett skunk cleaner shrimp 3 turbo snails 1 naussarius snail 2 rose tip BTA’s (now 3 after split) 1 candy cane or trumpet kryptonite coral 1 devils hand...
  3. ncfalco

    Help! Florida Ricordea half detached from rock and folded over on itself

    I recently purchased a Florida Ricordea frag that arrived with aptasia on the frag plug. The mushroom was half attached to a piece of rubble rock that was glued to the plug. As a precaution to not introduce any unwanted pests to my tank, I detached the part of the mushroom that was attached to...
  4. Tom nhia

    California Live Goods WYSWYG Assorted Corals (softies and sps)

    Hi I have some frags for sale. Everything taken using flipper orange and yellow filter. 1 - 5 + 2 babies Orange Oxide and 2 + 2 babies Mystique Zoa Combo - $30 $20 2 - 7 + 3 babies Mystique Zoa - SOLD 3 - 3 Mystique Zoa - $15 $10 4 - Single 1/2" Orange Rim Green Center Florida Ricordea - SOLD 5...
  5. Ariahsart

    California Live Goods Ricordea florida

    Selling a Ricordea Mushroom Coral for $25. Located in Hesperia, CA. Prefer local pick up
  6. P

    Florida Ricordea on “wrong side of rock”

    I am new-ish to the community, and recently got some orange Ricordeas. I popped them off of the frag plug, and one of the mushrooms somehow made it’s way to the underside of the rock frag. I glued it to a spot in the hopes that it can find its way toward the light, but not sure if the rock is...
  7. JennyH3

    Ricordia Yuma sick??

    Hello: What is going on with my ricordia mushroom. I have had it for about a month bought at my LFS. I was doing great until the weekend - half of it seems to have died? everything else in my tank is great. I have 3 Yumas 2 from Seattlecorals.com & 1 from WOrldwidecorals.com. I just moved him...
  8. UkiahTheTurtle

    Is my Florida Riccordea okay?

    So I just got this Florida recordia from corals.com in the mail yesterday and it has not really opened up yet is it ok?
  9. TouchThemMangos

    Transparant bubbles on Ricordea Florida

    Hi! I bought a new Ricordea Florida (green) a few weeks ago & noticed some transparant bubbles on the side of the plug. At first I thought it was new growth, but am starting to wonder if it’s bubble algae instead. Does anyone know what it is?
  10. Dad2Wyatt

    Is my ricordea Florida splitting or unhappy?

    I’ve had this mushroom for about 2 weeks so far. So far in my tank I can look at it wrong and it will get ticked and curl up. I accidentally bumped the frag while cleaning yesterday and knocked it into a crevice. It curled up immediately when I replaced it, (which was not surprising after I...
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    Ric FL really making me mad

    I have a Ric FL mushroom I got several weeks ago now that will not attach. I have it in a cup with several plug tops and rubble and I can’t get it to stick to anything to save my life. How can I attach this thing using toothpicks, string, fishing line, nuclear fusion?!! I really want to place it...
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this a decent ric?

    I got this ric Fl for 20$. I was wondering if it will hold this color and if it will maybe color up some more as time goes on? Also if it’s worth 20$?
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    How to get this Ric to attach?

    I have this dude in a cup with a coral plug. How do I get it to finally attach? While I’m at it, is this a decent ric? I’ve never seen one this color till I bought it.
  14. Jaden9933

    Hello New 20gal long reef tank

    I set this tank up around 4-5 months ago and have been doing a ton of research sense! I always try to find threads pertaining to my concerns, but figured I’d get the best answers with a personalized thread. Any advice on care for the coral (mostly the ricordea and anemone) or even pairing the...
  15. diverdown

    Michigan Torches - TSA Holy Grail, NY Knicks, Hellfire, Dragon Soul, Holy Grail Micromussa, Bicolor Hammer, others

    Hi All - having my first torch sale. I'm trying to be competive on prices, make me an offer though if you think otherwise (just not 100% sure of the current market). TSA Holy Grail lineaged, NY Knicks, Dragon Soul and Hellfire. Also Hammer, Holy Grail Micromussa, Avatar Chalice, Huge Florida...
  16. Zoa_Fanatic

    Ric FL shrinking

    I have had this ric for like a month. I left yesterday to go out of town and came back today and it’s shrunk to half it’s size. Is this normal? It’s 1/3 up the way in my biocube 32 led. Anything I can do to bring it back?
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    Carbon or no carbon

    Does carbon strip essential elements from the water column? I’m an environmental engineer and my training wpuld indicate it’s gonna take a whole lot of carbon to bind up a ton of your essential elements but I don’t know for sure about in saltwater. I plan on running it because I have a decent...
  18. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa and Ricordea Florida

    Has anyone kept these two types of corals together in a garden? Does the mushroom hurt the zoa? Got a small one I want to try to include in my Zoa gardens.
  19. Squeven

    Florida Ricordea Help!

    Last night all my coral were looking normal and happy. This morning my Florida Ricordea was brown around the mouth. Any ideas what is happening? Prameters: Ammonia 0.0 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate 0.0 Calcium 380 Salinity 1.025 Ph 8.3 Kh 9.8 Temperature 78F Sorry about photo quality.
  20. Dr. Bluethumb

    Florida Rainbow Ricordea Rocks(2)

    150$ Shipped Con U.S.
  21. Dr. Bluethumb

    Florida Ricordea (4 Frag Pack)

    80$ + Shipping -20$ Shipping Florida -45$ Shipping Con. U.S.
  22. Squeven

    First coral, confused about feeding.

    I just got my first coral from my LFS, a bright green Ricordea. The guys at the shop said that it doesn’t need anything added to the tank, just stable parameters. I’ve read many different things about this, and am starting to get confused. What is everyone’s experiences with keeping these...
  23. Mwydr02188

    Coral help! Ricordea Florida

    Hi i am seni new to the SW world. I have limited experience with ricordea. It seems my ricordea Florida has detached and is floated around the tank. The coral itself is very stiff. Still has its fluorescence and slim. I hope there is nothing wrong
  24. Reefer37

    Yumas and Florida's

    Can these two coexist with each other or will one try and take out the other? I wasn't sure since they're both Ricordeas but totally different places in the world.
  25. The Italian


    The Dennis Rodman Double Bubble Ricordea Mushroom! This baby is 1 of 4! The mother comes from my boys over at Blue Seas Aquariums in Florida. This thing is UNREAL!! neon green mouth, mini neon green bubbles with HUGE bright pink bubbles, some of pink bubbles have these crazy little speckles in...