roller mat

  1. hjp904

    Eshopps Alpha Fuge 200 Roller mat campatible?

    Hello all, I am hoping to find someone that knows if there is a way that I can change from running filter sock to a roller mat on an Eshopps Alpha Fuge 200. I have searched through many different pages with the hopes of finding either a working solution to modify my existing sump, or finding a...
  2. Leon Gorani

    Will this work for my Klir di-4 filter roller?

    I just got my klir di-4 roller, when looking at the circular part that goes into the filter sock hole it is not exactly 4 inches wide, it is just a bit smaller. I had a custom piece of glass cut with a 4 inch hole, and now the plastic is smaller than the hole in the glass. But they include...
  3. Ketan

    Roller filter - smaller micron roll

    Before getting a Bubble Magus roller filter recently, I was using 5 micron felt socks which really polished my water and I was used to that. However there are 2 issues with the roller filter currently. 1. I only use the main outlet to the filter, while the secondary outlet drops to the sump...
  4. Daniel400G

    Clarisea SK500 Woeth It?

    Hello fellow reefers I have 2 Clarisea Sk 5000 I have been having issues with these 2 units Anyone else having issues? I find that it captures maybe 50percent of Gung. Having clean of my sump once a month because all of the stuff the roller mats doesn't get. There is an bypass and yes I keep...
  5. ecamden

    Texas Lighting Skimmers Reactors Sumps Everything for a build

    We are selling everything from our build that we are no longer doing. For starters we have (1) Kessil AP700 $600 (6 months of use) (4) AI Hydra 32HD Smartreef LED $399 each (w/mounts) (3 months of use) (1) Trigger Systems Platinum 39 Sump - 39 Inch $800(comes with extra roller mats) NEVER USED...
  6. mawhins

    DIY Roller Mat Filter

    Ok so I've been coveting a roller mat filter and when I look at them (as I do with pretty much anything) I think to myself, that's just some acrylic with a motor doohicky and simple float switch, I'm not paying that much for one of those. They're actually quite expensive here in Australia - $600...
  7. MarineDepot

    ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration

    ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration Our video review of the Gen2 ClariSea Automatic Fleece Filter by D-D
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