shark egg

  1. J


    Ok so i have a shark egg i have hatched one in the past and got him eating after weeks of no eating i read that if you feed him before he has used up all of his yolk he will die and i waited for my first one now i am trying to decide after tbis one has no yolk sack do i eait for him to poop...
  2. obrew9

    ISO Shark Egg

    Any and all help is appreciated. I have been looking for banded cat shark eggs for awhile now. Drove two hours to a fish store today to find out they had just sold their only one. I have looked on dozens of websites I have found on Reef2Reef with no luck. If anyone knows of somewhere they have...
  3. obrew9

    ISO shark egg

    I have been looking everywhere for banded cat shark eggs. Drove two hours to a store today to find out they had just sold the only one they had. I have looked on dozens of websites I found on Reef2Reef and no luck. Everywhere seems to be out of stock. I wasn’t sure if anyone would know of any...
  4. Sean's ExoticTropics

    Mystery Shark Egg

    I bought this shark egg at a local fish store I go to and they had the usual Brown Banded Bamboo shark egg, but next to it was this egg and it's about double the size, same color, same transparency (so almost impossible to see through unless you have a light), so of course the type of person I...
  5. jlanger

    NRHS Shark Hatchery Lab Project

    Hi Reef2Reef community. This is going to be a thread documenting an independent study project of hatching and raising small sharks by my son at his high school. I've asked if I could bring this project over to Reef2Reef to share with this community and I was granted permission to do so. This...
  6. SDReefer

    Bamboo Shark Egg Hatching Progression

    Hello everyone, I would like to document my shark egg hatching experience as well as open it up to suggestions. The tank that I plan to keep it in is a 110 gallon stock tank. Although that may seem too small for a 30+ inch shark, the actual dimensions are around 5' x 2.5', which should be...