1. thereefingguy

    California FS: Sicce 5.0 pump

    Purchased in 09/2019. It’s been running for 4 months. $125 shipped.
  2. L

    Levi's Redsea Reefer

    Just a few pics of my reef
  3. spoonspider

    Florida 40G Innovative Marine Fusion/Nuvo AIO for Sale

    I have a 40G Innovative Marine Fusion/Nuvo AIO tank for sale. My build thread is the tank that I’m selling. It comes with the Tunze 9008 skimmer, upgraded Sicce 2.0 pump, inTank caddy, lid, SB Reeflights Extreme WiFi 16” LED light, and the Innovative Marine stand. The tank has been...
  4. mike wright

    Mike's IM NUVO INT 150 Build (Lagoon Reef)

    Hello, just thought it would be interesting to document my progress while setting up this NUVO INT 150 lagoon tank. This is my second tank. First one being an AIO IM NUVO 40. Bellow I'll post some of the specs of the tank and the equipment I plan to use. Some of my goals for this system are...
  5. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] A lot of stuff! Lights, pumps, skimmer, powerheads, Apex accessories...

    EDIT: Remaining items moved to this thread I'm willing to do local trades for purple or blue acropora. Teal staghorn doesn't count lol :p Everything is in good working order (unless otherwise noted) Paypal or Venmo. Thanks. PICKUP: West Hollywood 90046 (right next to plumbers park) 250$...
  6. A

    New York SOLD. Coral Box DCA12000 and Syncra Sicce 3.0 Pumps for sale

    I have 2 pumps for sale: 1) Syncra Sicce 3.0 used SOLD shipped, I used to pump arid reactor for 6 weeks only. Some cut at adapter. See pictures. 2) Coral Box DC pump DCA12000 (3,200 gph) (Apex cable included), new SOLD shipped. I opened the box to check whether any missing parts. Yes, I found...
  7. vangvace

    Vangvace's Red Sea Max S 650

    In the beginning... there was a betta fish. It was quickly followed up with small freshwater tank and a Via Aqua 18g saltwater tank. At that point I was hooked, but because of work I would stick to nano and pico tanks for the next 15 years, when not living overseas anyways. Last year I...
  8. Aktric1

    California Top Quality Nano System

    Hi everyone I am selling my Innovative Marine Nano tank. This Tank was set up for a mixed reef of SPS LPS and Softies of which grew extremely well. The Nuvo and equipment was up and running for just under 8 months and was very well maintained and lightly operated. While you look at the list of...
  9. bdare

    BDare's 210 Mixed Reef

    Hello all, Long time R2R lurker here. Been keeping aquariums my whole life and reef tanks since about 2005. Six years ago I shut down a 120 and I've been missing it ever since. The bug has got me and now I'm planning a new 210 gallon tank. Equipment Tank - 210 Gallon Planet Aquaruims 72L x...
  10. Romeo007

    Ohio Kessil light,skimmer and pumps

    I have below items for sale. I will included price with shipping. Most of very light used and excellent condition. ATO is new. I Will add pics later or in PMs. JBJ ATO with aqua lifter -$80 Kessil A360we with mounting arm- $300 Supreme danner Aqua-Mag 12 - less than year old -$90 Aquamaxx...
  11. MarineDepot

    Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex

    Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex Save up to $162.50 Vertex Omega Protein Skimmers ;Troll Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber—a $500 value!
  12. J


    I have a sweet Sicce Voyager HP 8 pump for sale for $110 shipped. It is in like new condition. I used it for a month but it is bit too strong for my 80 gallon rimless. This thing moves a ton of water & is the quietest pump I have ever owned. I have the box & paperwork. PM if interested. Thanks!!
  13. Cody Grkman

    NUVO 10 Build

    Hello everyone! My name is Cody and I am new to Reef2Reef. I have been in the hobby for about 8 months now and currently have a 75 gallon mixed reef. I am excited to start this new build of a 10 gallon Nuvo Fusion Nano 10. I would love to hear tips and suggestions from the community. I would...
  14. VSVP bet

    EPIC 33 Long Build

    Hello all, I have a beloved 90-gallon reef aquarium at home in Connecticut. However, as a college student, I am not able to transport my 90-gallon reef back and forth from college to home. To satisfy my urge to reef, I purchased an IM Nuvo 20, I like the tank, however, it is just too small...
  15. Wrasse-cal

    Poll: Second-guessing pump choice. Help me decide!

    As the title states, I'm second-guessing my pump selection. I purchased a Sicce Pro 1500 and a Sicce Pro 800. The 1500 is going to power my lifereef skimmer. The 800 is going to plumb a manifold return that'll feed my algae reactor and calcium reactor. I have a Varios-6 that will be my...
  16. YogiReef

    WTB: Sicce Micra Plus Aquarium Pump

    Im looking for two sicce micra plus aquarium pumps that are used or new and in decent/usable condition. Should turnover 158 gph, here’s the link to the marine depot listing. Pm me offers and for my zip.
  17. MarineDepot

    Enjoy Silent Nights with Sicce Syncra Silent Pumps - 10% OFF, TODAY ONLY!

    Enjoy Silent Nights with Sicce Syncra Silent Pumps - 10% OFF, TODAY ONLY! Today is the Ninth Day of Fishmas!
  18. Wrasse-cal

    Sicce Silent, Pro, or SDC

    I’m looking to buy two pumps: 1. Skimmer pump with 1100 gph minimum for a lifereef svs3-30 skimmer; 2. Return pump for a 75 gallon display tank with 25 gallon sump. I think I’ve settled on Sicce based on what I’ve read about them being reliable and quiet. Is this accurate? Noise is the...
  19. bk_market

    Overflow Plumping making a lot of noise

    I recently set up a new 83 gallons tank. The overflow is making a lot of noise from the air hole on top and splashing water sound in the sump. I think this overflow is call Herbie. I use a sicce 3.0 as a return pump and the only way I was able to somewhere reduce the noise was to slow the...
  20. AquariumSpecialty

    The new Sicce SDC 7.0 & 9.0 DC with WiFi pumps are in Stock

    We are pleased to announce that our 1st shipment has arrived and we have plenty in stock at this time. These silent and feature rich pumps are sure to sell fast! From now until Monday - July 31st receive 5 times the normal reward points on these pumps...
  21. Fishhands

    Hand's 40g of whatever

    Ok. I know what your thinking, "Another 40b ?" Well me too. I've had nano tanks recenty and a 50 tall some time ago. I just always wanted a 40b. I really like the dimensions. Lots of depth not too tall and 3ft long. Well now I have one and decided to start a thread. Mostly for the journal...
  22. Holy_makerel

    Sicce voyager pumps and controller. Experience?

    Just picked up 2 voyager 4s and a controller from my LFS for a very good price. I did some research before the purchase and they seem like good pumps. They will specifically be used in the back of my 93 cube to keep detritus in the water column using an alternating pump on/off between the two...
  23. MarineDepot

    Top-Selling Pumps: ALL $5 OFF!

    Top-Selling Pumps: ALL $5 OFF! TODAY: $5 off popular pumps + 10% off heaters!
  24. TylerMoralez

    AquaJapan AJ-40B Nano Reef

    Wanted to share my latest endeavor in the reefing-world. I pulled the trigger on a nano tank that is pretty hard to find at your LFS, unless of course you're down with Amazon. The brand is out of Asia called AquaJapan, and there is one seller of these tanks on Amazon called DiscountAquatics...
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