1. S

    What type of softies shed least?

    I'm looking for some sort of branchy soft coral. Some that I like are sinularia, cladiella (colt coral), and capnella (kenya tree). Which one between these sheds least/in the least obtrusive way? I've always hated the way toadstools shed because they are such an eyesore. I know sinularia don't...
  2. adamlodge14

    Aptasia removal

    Hiya guys, I have had a 15 gallon marine tank up and running for 3 months now. Yesterday I saw a tiny wee aptasia anemone on the frag disk which my leather Coral is on. I instantly took it out and dipped the coral and disk in a coral dip solution (aqua forest protect dip) and tried to remove as...
  3. Cj2322

    Xenia vs. Sinularia who will win?

    Hello all! I have recently started adding corals to my 20 gal. Innovative Marine tank. The tank has been up and running for just over a year but as I am new to reefing I decided to go with all soft corals. My plan was to have a pulsing xenia colony take over a rock but I have really been drawn...
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