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t5 fixture

  1. Chefman76

    Build Thread Waterbox Frag 105 SPS dominant build thread!

    The Mrs and I decided to start a new SPS tank during this pandemic! We went with a waterbox this time around, I'm sure we’ll be upgrading in the near future. The money we saved on the tank vs some others we have put into the components. today was the first day of setup, hung the T5‘s, did the...
  2. L

    New SPS frags!!!

    Reefer 250 around 18 months old. Finally getting the hang of keeping sps. So I got rid of a big monti and went crazy with the sticks. This thing will be packed if I can keep everything in line. I've got 9 more frags to find spots for. I can't wait for these to take off!
  3. DanSavesTheDay

    Virginia Wtb ATI Sunpower 48" 8 bulb dimmable

    Looking to buy an 8 bulb dimmable 48" ATI Sunpower
  4. M

    Florida PRICE DROP! - Giesemann Infiniti DE 250w 24" Metal Halide T5 Fixture - MINT LIKE NEW - NOW $399 shipped OR $498 with ballast shipped!

    Price for fixture with bulbs ONLY: $399 shipped or $350 local pickup in West Palm Beach. Ballast available for extra $99 shipped. Ballast is like new IceCap Selectable 150 - 250 Watt Digital Electronic Metal Halide Ballast. $498 shipped for fixture, bulbs and ballast. Otherwise $399 for...
  5. K

    Retrofitting T5 Fixture

    Found this fixture on Home Depot Website and wanted to see if I can retrofit and run ATI bulbs on it. ViaVolt 2ft. T5 1-Bulb High Output 24Watt Light Fixture Link to Product on Home Depot Using ATI T5 True Actinic Link for the Bulb
  6. Jettareefer223

    Build Thread "Picking up the pieces" Jettareefer’s SPS dominated Planet Tideline revival/overhaul (Photo heavy/Progression)

    *If you’re not down for a detailed long winded thread I would skip the novel go straight down for pictures/specs lol. As a primer and or disclaimer I’m going to be overly detailed and ramble. This will serve as my build thread share my struggles and progress of my tank. Currently in the process...
  7. wrfreeman

    Tennessee Passing on an incredible deal...

    Hello, About a year ago a gentleman in my area passed away and his wife decided to sell off all of her husband's aquarium equipment, but it was an all or nothing thing. She wanted it all gone. I had just contracted to build a house that was to be completed in 4 - 6 months so I decided to buy...
  8. SeanD

    Georgia ATI dimmable sunpower 24”

    $500 8 bulb model with Reef Brite tech strip. Works great just no longer needed. Shipping will be actual cost.
  9. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania 48” T5 fixture with bulbs

    have a T5 4 bulb fixture have it set as 2 channels all bulbs less than 3 moths 3 ATI and 1 giessman bulb . $80
  10. Just_me_Dupree

    Maryland Reef tank items for sale! Baltimore pick up

    reef equipment $550 Dundalk, MD I have some reef equipment laying around that i need to get rid of. 80 gallon frag tank set up. includes 80 gallon deep blue frag tank, 48" 4 buld tek t5 light, 48" reefbrite XHO. 2 extra 48" ati bulbs $550 Reeflow gold barracuda external pump $ 150 Skimz SM...
  11. Chris155hp

    Florida Giesemann Matrixx II 60” 8bulb T5

    Giesemann Matrixx ii 60” 8bulb T5 for sale works like a charm and includes bulbs (4blue plus 2 actinic 2 coral plus) $600 plus Shipping (shipping cost depend on your location) I am located in Miami Florida local pickup available e
  12. nautical_nathaniel

    Thinking about switching to T5 for the first time...

    Currently I'm rocking a Maxspect Ethereal on my Nuvo 20, and while it's a pretty good light it does have a few issues that I don't think fit my long term goals for coral growth. Here's a list of some of the problems I have with the light currently: - Light spread is pretty limited, sort of...
  13. J

    55 Corner tank T5 / Kessil setup question

    I have a corner 55 tank. Currently I have a Kessil 360 on it. I want to add T5 to add some better lighting. I friend told me about t5 hybrid fixture you can get, although being a corner tank this setup appears to only be rectangle which would be to big. Ref...
  14. Kaiser

    72" long tank, 2 x 36" T5 Hybrid or one 59" T5 hybrid

    So I'm currently building my Red Sea 750xxl and I'm pretty committed to running a Giesemann stellar plug in hybrid, however I'm not sure on how to size the fixture in relation to my tank since my tank is 72" long. I plan on using 4 Radion XR30 G4 Pros, but should I buy two 36" fixtures and put 2...
  15. BoSalman

    ATI hybrid, sufficient mount?

    Hello, So I'm about to unbox my 6x39w hybrid ATI powermodule and install it. I've done a quick search online and i saw that some users recommended/used the Aquatic Life Universal Hanger (pictured below) to mount their hybrid T5/LED fixtures. However, this hanger is rated for 10lbs on each...
  16. Jaculus

    Ohio SOLD -48" 8 Bulb ATI Dimmable Sunpower + TWO 48 Reefbrite XHOs and LSM

    SOLD - Edit: 11/18 parting out see post below from today. $650 for the T5, $225 each for the 48" Reefbrite XHO strips shipped. Selling this setup since I came back from MACNA after being convinced to switch to Metal Halides by Tullio (Reefbrite) I bought the setup minus the LSM...
  17. Noinoi24

    Aquatic Life USA makes some nice and resonable priced T5 Hybrid Fixture:

    I am not sure if im on the right thread to give my experience and feedback on a T5 Hybrid fixture. OP Please transfer to the right Thread if im not on the right one. So I have a Reefer 170 running for at least 5 months now (a year if not transferred) I have Ai Hydra 26 HD in it but I think...
  18. Fishhands

    T5 4 bulb par?

    Anyon have a 36" 4 bulb t5 over your reef and happen to have a par meter? I have one 8" over a 40b and was wondering w/o the investment what the #'s are. My rocks are pretty low so probably about 14" from the rocks to the light.
  19. Kevinkmk

    Aquaticlife t5 light up single bulb?

    Hi, Just setup the light and running all 4 bulbs seem to splashing to much par to my Lps. Is there a way I can only run one bulb in the fixture?
  20. Finatik

    T5 with LED Combo Lighting Options

    I've been trying to find a "combo light" that will allow me to have both T5s AND LEDs on the same light fixture. I know about this one from BRS, but it has bad reviews because of the power cords coming out of both ends of the light fixture...
  21. J

    Unseen problems or great t5HO setup for 160

    Hey everyone. Decided to Shift some tension from breeding captive fish to growing frags. Pump a small 24x16x8 frag tank to my display. Would an $80 Hydro Plant 4 bulb t5ho Amazon fixture and 4 ATI bulb work or am I overlooking something obviously? Besides cooling fans and better reflective...
  22. J

    Hydra 52 HD + T5 Settings

    After doing much digging and not being able to find a configuration for a Hydra 52 HD/ T5 Setup, I figured I would make my own and share it. I currently run 3 Hydra 52 HD's & the Aquatic Life LED/T5 60" Fixture. This lets me hold 4 T5 bulbs along with the Hydra's. I have a 72" tank but the 60"...
  23. Crimson

    New Jersey FS:Kessil a160we set and 24" T5

    Kessil Set: $400 shipped Includes: 2x A160WE purchased new in Sept 2017 1x Controller 1 extra long 3.5mm cable (normally not included) 1x standard 3.5mm cable AQUATIC LIFE 24" Hybrid T5's: $175 Shipped *missing some screws, added some extra. Purchased Last month cant return because its...
  24. scobeyra

    California FS: 30L Gallon IM nuvo tank & stand

    Selling my Innovative Marine nuvo 30 long, all in one sump-less tank w/ black stand. I have plenty of equipment for it as well. Willing to do a package deal or break it up. Tank - $150 Stand - $100 JBJ Trinity T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 4X39W, 36" - $150 Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget...
  25. Reefahholic

    ATI LED T5 PowerModule 8x54W 48”

    Only used about 6 months. Tank is shut down. Comes with bulbs. Asking $1,575 Text 713-504-2100