tank move

  1. S

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 625XXL - "The Big One"

    Red Sea Reefer 625XXL System Volume: 169g (on 6/11/21) Welcome to my build thread for my RSR, affectionately known around our household as, “the Big One”. (You know, when someone asks, “Which tank?”) I will continue to update this post with a current photo of the tank and what my setup...
  2. Msmith2813

    Utah Miscellaneous 10" zuos suction cups

    I have four 10" zuos suction cups. They are in perfect shape, used twice. Asking $170 or best offer. If I need to ship, we'll figure something out on the pricing that works for both sides. Thank you
  3. Imnotjakeyv

    Fin nipping in clownfish? Or disease?

    A little back story I just moved, and placed my clown pair in a 5 gallon tank I had already setup at the new place long before the move just a holding tank until I got the main tank setup (I wanted/needed to finally paint the back of the tank and took this opportunity). The clowns were only in...
  4. A

    Adding tank volume temporarily

    Howdy! I was wondering about the feasibility of using a Rubbermaid trash can that I use for water changes as a temporary second sump. Currently, I have a 75 gallon reef tank and eventually I would like to move all of that to my 150 that I haven’t set up yet. Long story short, I don’t think it...
  5. neoGeorge

    Build Thread neoGeorge's Build: One Reef & One Planted Freshwater

    As part of a cross-country move, I've ordered two JBJ 65 gallon AIO aquariums to be drop shipped to sunny Arizona, where I'll have an opportunity to set them up and let them run for a few weeks before I drive out with the inhabitants of my current tanks (one reef and one planted fresh water)...
  6. Joe Batt

    Tips for moving from a 350 to a 900 liter tank

    I currently have a Reefer 350 that is running beautifully using Triton. Corals are exploding with growth. I also have an empty Waterbox 230.6 that I am just getting to the final stages of setting up. All plumbing lights etc etc done. All that remains is aquascaping with a large pile of cured...
  7. OrthoVet05

    Moving 8 hour drive from TN to MI in 10 days

    Hello R2R!! I am planning on moving my 75 gallon system, rock, fish, inverts, and corals from Tennessee to Michigan. I know this could take some epic planning and I have a power inverter to connect an aerator and heater to put in a 5 gal bucket in my truck through two holes with a sealed lid...
  8. Slyler

    120 Gal Stocking Questions

    Hi Everyone, I have a few questions that I would like to hear some advice on please. To give some background information I currently I have a 72 gal bowfront, it has a HOB skimmer, and a Fluval 405 filter with Carbon. the tank has been running for 2 years now, and everything is going great...