trigger systems

  1. Wen

    Florida Trigger system 3.5L sapphire dosing container

    Selling a gently used 3.5 L dosing container. $75 + shipping Located in Florida
  2. Photosynthetic

    40 G Reef Savvy Mixed Reef

    Tank Dimensions: Reef Savvy 40 Gallon 24" x 24" x 17" Stand: Custom furniture Lighting : ATI Sunpower 24" 8 bulb T5 Non-dimmable (2 bulbs are all blue LED tube) 1 - 24" sBar actinic 1 - 24" Reef Brite Kessil A-80 (Fuge) WavePoint Blade HO 10,000K LED Fixture 9" (Fuge) Innovative Marine...
  3. MarineDepot

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months!

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months! Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  4. bdare

    BDare's 210 Mixed Reef

    Hello all, Long time R2R lurker here. Been keeping aquariums my whole life and reef tanks since about 2005. Six years ago I shut down a 120 and I've been missing it ever since. The bug has got me and now I'm planning a new 210 gallon tank. Equipment Tank - 210 Gallon Planet Aquaruims 72L x...
  5. Hemmdog

    Is it possible? Trigger Sump swap

    Hello, I currently have a trigger 26 emerald sump. It’s awesome, but always seemed a little small for my 90, and the fuge isn’t able to manage nutrients in the system the way I’m looking for. I was considering getting a bigger sump to add more water volume and fuge space to my system. Looking...
  6. Hemmdog

    Hemmdog’s 90gal Seaciety and 40gal Vale of Shadows

    Hello! Just starting my build thread for my main display; a 90 gallon I set up in August 2018. Thank you for stopping by and please leave comments or questions below! 2/13/20 11/30/19 7/31/19 3/23/19 1/17/19 And my 40b set up in April 19’ 12/11/19
  7. Agraves77

    Tennessee Ecotech MP10, Reeflink and Aquariums

    Mp10 It is the wireless version and worked great with the reeflink. I used it less than a month and dont have a need for it anymore. I bought it brand new for 285. Asking $200 plus shipping. Reeflink Used for about 5 months. It worked awesome and if you have radions it makes setting schedules...
  8. Scurvy

    Scurvy’s Mad Wrasse 110

    Well here we go again! Tired of keeping up with multiple tanks to feed the addiction so we have shut down the Reefer 250 and in its place will go a 48”x24”x22” Starphire CDAquarium. Per the title there will be many a wrasse swimming around here soon, At least 10... Additional systems will be...
  9. Caliwagon

    Texas Trigger Systems Sump and West Mariculture Rock Work

    Title says it all: Both have never seen water and were purchased for a tank upgrade that's no longer happening (tank broke). Trigger Systems Sapphire 39 Sump. New from BRS is $530. There is one small scratch on the bottom of the sump (non-water side) from test fitting while the project was...
  10. JC Reef

    NUVO EXT Lagoon 50 Build

    My newest build was acquired through a very unusual scenario. It was March 31st and I was at the children’s hospital with my wife and nine-month old son. He had just gone through a tethered spinal cord surgery and we were all exhausted. The Marine Depot Facebook giveaway was just 3 hrs. away...
  11. choss

    Refugium Light Spill in Sump

    I currently run a Kessil H80 on a 20" cube trigger systems ruby sump. It is a relatively small sump and i get a decent amount of light spill into the main chamber with my protein skimmer. I'm seeing a decent amount of algae growth in the skimmer and the compartment holding the skimmer. Here is a...
  12. J

    Maryland Trigger Systems Sump - Emerald Cube Sump 20G

    Selling a 20 Gallon Green Trigger Systems Sump: Link: Asking $300.00, would prefer pickup only but if your really that interested in it being shipped. PM me. I bought it 6 months ago. After 3 months of having a 24x24x30"...
  13. AquariumSpecialty

    Trigger Sump & ATO Sale Going on NOW 15% OFF

    15% off on all in-stock Trigger Sumps & ATO reservoirs. The sale price is not valid on out of stock items. Click the banner to visit the Trigger Systems page.
  14. MarineDepot

    Ho ho ho come save more dough: 10% OFF COUPON INSIDE!

    Today 12/11 is The Sixth Day of Fishmas and Green Monday! ;Woot Most items at Marine Depot are marked down or can be purchased at a discount using coupon code HOHOHO. Hurry! Most deals end tonight @ midnight!
  15. MarineDepot

    ★ 15% off Tunze ★ 15-20% off MD ★ 20% off Ecosystem ★ FREE Lid w/ NanoBox Light ★

    ★ 15% off Tunze ★ 15-20% off MD ★ 20% off Ecosystem ★ FREE Lid w/ NanoBox Light ★ Black Friday Every Day: Deal #8 - 20% off MD RO/DI Systems (and 15% off everything else)! - 15% off Tunze! - 20% off Trigger Systems ATO reservoirs (and 15% off everything else!) - 20% off Ecosystem Aquarium! -...
  16. Bruzzerfish

    WTB Red Sea reefer 250 sump or other cube sump

    Hey guys, I’m starting a cube build and as the title says I am looking for a reefer 250 sump and stock auto top off. I am also interested in any other cube sumps you may have. Another option would be a cube aquarium is you have it, ie. deep blue 28g 20”x20”x16”, i wouldn’t mind doing a diy...
  17. Elennon19

    Trigger Sump 34 large enough for 180 gallon?

    I may be upgrading from a 90 gallon to a 180. I have a very new Sapphire 34 sump from Trigger Systems that has been in use for literally a few days. Would it be able to handle a 180? I am sure I am dreaming here but I thought I would ask. Thanks
  18. Jolene1011

    What skimmer would you use in Trigger System Sump?

    I would like to make some changes to my skimmer in my sump. I currently have a Trigger Systems Sapphire 39 on a 220gal tank. I am preparing to try out the Triton Method. I would LOVE to buy the new Triton 44 Trigger but since I've had this sump less than a year I can't quite justify it. So to...
  19. MarineDepot

    Trigger Systems: EARN 10x REWARDS!

    Trigger Systems: EARN 10x REWARDS! Earn 10% back on Trigger Systems for a limited time! Get a full-featured sump with cool color accents along with matching dosing containers and an ATO reservoir ;Drool Recommended Reading: Check out our wide-ranging interview with Zackery Rago of the hit...
  20. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Elite Sumps

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Elite Sumps Be sure to watch this episode all the way until the end! ;)
  21. Fishhands

    Hand's 40g of whatever

    Ok. I know what your thinking, "Another 40b ?" Well me too. I've had nano tanks recenty and a 50 tall some time ago. I just always wanted a 40b. I really like the dimensions. Lots of depth not too tall and 3ft long. Well now I have one and decided to start a thread. Mostly for the journal...
  22. MarineDepot

    Trigger Systems: EARN 10x REWARDS!

    Trigger Systems: EARN 10x REWARDS! Earn 10x rewards on any Trigger Systems purchase for a limited time!
  23. OzarksReef

    Ozarksreef Rimless Mixed Reef Build Thread

    Hello R2R Community, I've been a member on the site for a long time, spending hours on the site to learn more about this hobby we all love. Thought it was time for me to contribute as well, so I thought I'd start with a build thread on my new reef aquarium. I set this system up in October...
  24. MarineDepot

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  25. MarineDepot

    Oh snap! We're going below MAP

    Oh snap! We're going below MAP Black Friday Every Day! TODAY: 10% off Trigger Systems + 20% off Polyp Lab! Trigger Systems Sumps: Powerhouse Filter Boxes for Your Reef Tank How to Set Up a Refugium Inside Your Sump