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Jan 27, 2019
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Moving to Texas soon and I have decided to only keep one tank so I'm selling this one. Tank is an aqueon 75 gallon with megaflow, sitting on an aqueon stand. Comes with 2 kessil a360x lights with 90° tube mounts and spectral x controller, trigger systems ruby sump( bought blemished from trigger systems has 2 small acrylic pieces where it was repaired does not leak and have had no problems whatsoever with it), reef octopus classic 150 skimmer, avast marine k1 Kalk reactor ( has a Crack in the upper cylinder from shipping I epoxied the inside and outside and it does not leak), Neptune Jr- 1 plug does not work and no display, Neptune 1 link with power cable and 2 Neptune wav's, kessil h80, reef octopus varios 4,10 gallon trigger systems ato container, and jbj auto top off, will throw in live rock and sand. The bad- Tank has some scratches and the corner silicon is chewed up over years of algae scraping but tank does not leak (It is running as we speak) otherwise it is in good condition, the door to the stand started coming apart and the wood cracked when I screwed it back together. Corner bottom trim piece of stand is coming loose. The magnet on one off the wavs broke so I used a hydor magnet, does NOT include the aqua uv 57 however we can work something out if you want that too.

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