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    Super Sale Items - 30% to 65% Off Certain Items this Week Only!

    See All Weekly Sales: Here are just a few of the livestock with Savings of 30% or More
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    Let's Talk Livestock... Updates ALL Weekend on What's in Stock NOW!

    Dart & Tilefish: Sorry, the Purple Filefish sold out immediately!
  3. K

    Georgia Trigger Triton 34 v1 Sump

    I recently bought this sump but then found out isn't the size I need. It is in pretty good condition, it is clean. Asking the same amount of money I paid for: $300.00. Pickup in Duluth/PTC OR I can ship if you pay the shipping. Trigger Systems Triton Sump 34 x 15 x 15" | Premium Aquatics...
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    Fish we don't see every day, but have in stock now!

    Cortez Angelfish Interruptus Angel, Japan Golden Red Angel Spotbreast Angel (Male & Female) - aka Swallowtail Yellow Assessor, Australia Pyramid Butterfly Dragon Eel: Male; Japan Dwarf Yellow Eel; Haw. Orangespot Filefish Griessingei Goby Fuzzy Nut (Gum Drop) Goby Marine Betta Janssi Pipefish...
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    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available (Coral, Fish & Inverts)

    As of Saturday, June 15, 2019 @7:40 p.m. EST Angels Blueface Angel – Large – 2 Available, XXL – 1 Available Red Stripe (Eibli’s) Angel – Large – 2 Flame Angel – Large – Lots! Emperor Angel, Adult, Indonesia – Large – 3 Emperor Angel Adult, Hawaii – XL – 1, XXL – 2 Emperor Angel...
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    Triggers in Stock - Including Black, Blue Throats from Hawaii, Male & Female Crosshatch

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    New ACROS & FISH loaded in Davy Jones Locker!
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    On Sale This Week - We've Got Some Great Deals!

    Hundreds of items on sale this week: PLUS! 15% off at $199+ (free shipping at $199 after discounts applied) -or- $50 off at $299+ -or- Great Free Offers
  9. F

    Where to put reactors and which ones?

    Hello, I have a new tank set up starting... It’s a 110g RR corner tank I have a COR 20 for my return And I have an emerald (well the blue one that’s the same) 39” trigger sump And a skimmer (rated for dense 185g) I have a couple questions for those with the trigger 39” Where do you put your...
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    Gorgeous Sargassum Trigger in Stock (XL - Approx. 5" to 6")

    We only have 1 available: Not on the website, please call us at 855.237.0999 if you are interested.
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    Triggerfish - 11 Species in Stock, including White Tail Triggers

    Shop Triggers:
  12. Everett625

    Florida Looking for sump

    looking for a sump in central Florida area getting ready to setup my 125 gallon tank and need a better sump. Looking to spend under 300$ if possible thanks in advance.
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    RARE Livestock That We Have Right Now!

    Check out some of the rare livestock we have available - it's on the homepage (scroll down to just below the weekly specials. A few of the things we have listed include (limited supplies): Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby Griffis Angel Black Longnose Tang Gem Tang Dragon Eel Line Spot Trigger ...
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    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available (Coral, Fish & Inverts)

    As of Monday, Nov 26, 2018 @12:30 p.m. EST (PRICES BELOW ARE BEFORE COUPON) - Save up to 20% OFF with coupon code: BLKFRI10 Angels Annularis Angel, Adult – Show (Sample: SAVE $128!!! Price drops to $511.99 from $639.99) – 1 Avail. Asfur Angel – Large ($195.99 – on sale BEFORE coupon)...
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    On Sale This Week - We've Got Some Great Deals!

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    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    We have a LOT of fish, incredible colors, and unique animals this week. Here are just a few! Shop all here:
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    Actual photos of some of the gorgeous fish we have in right now!

    Valentini Puffer Leaf Fish Blizzard Clown Angler Achilles Tang - it turned to show us it's coloring! Undulate Trigger
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    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available (Coral, Fish & Inverts)

    As of Sunday, Sept 23, 2018 @5:00 p.m. PST Angels French Angel – Large ($171.99 – on sale) Masked Swallowtail Angel, Female – Large ($156.99 – on sale) Red Stripe Angel (eibli) – Large ($39.99) Tibicen Angel – Large ($23.99) Personifier Angel, True, Australia, Female – XL ($879.99) – 1...
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    MOST Livestock Inventory We've Seen in MONTHS!

    Sorry Summer, but don't let the door hit you on the way out! We will be posting ALL day, but we are thrilled to share that we have gotten in some AMAZING inventory in almost all categories! SHOP here: :):):):):):):):):):)
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    What's in Stock Today? We will be updating this thread ALL day!

    First category is Saltwater Fish, starting with Anglers! Shop All Saltwater Fish here: Next up... Angels - Dwarf and Large!
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    This week's MEGA Sale items - Over 50% Off!

    Sales Items:
  22. Gator2019

    Blue Throat Trigger and tank mates

    I am trying to look into getting a blue throat trigger and wanted to see if anyone sees issues with what I already have not working. Current stocking: Tomini tang Foxface 3 clownfish Melonarius Wrasse Mandarin 4 damsels Peppermint shrimp 2 sea urchins X crabs and snails Also various corals...
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    Mega Sale Items For This Week - 45% to 69% OFF!

    Sale Items:
  24. K

    Do crosshatch need to be kept in pairs?

    Almost every crosshatch I've seen has been in a pair. Is there a reason for that, or are they just as fine kept singly? Drew
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