1. CMO

    (SOLD) Advanced Acrylics 4 Part Dosing Container (Great for Triton)

    I used this container on my 200 gallon triton tank... worked great and is in excellent condition (taking a break for now sale). Outside dimensions (approx): 10"(h) x 17" (w) x 14" (d) Compartment dimensions (approx): 10"(h) x 4" (w) x 14" (d) - based on a practical fill volume of say 70%, each...
  2. G

    Triton tests showing high "Lithium", "Potassium" and "Silicon"

    Hello: My Triton ICP test (test link) is showing incredibly high amounts of Lithium, Potassium and Silicon (worth noting that I also did an "ICP-Analysis" test before this one within a week apart and without any water changes in between and that also showed high Lithium and Potassium) Triton...
  3. Sandman12

    Florida Aquariums Sumps Drygoods PRICE ENHANCEMENT Custom Fiji cube 81 EXT build for sale

    The aquarium is a Fiji Cube 81g EXT The sump is a trigger triton 26 V2 Return pump is a Reef Octo Varios 8 Custom frag tank with rear wall discharge Custom blue PVC plumbing with unions and manifold to run auxiliary systems The stand is custom built and engineered to allow the sump and...
  4. Ali-F

    ICP Tests - 2 labs comparative analysis

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my recent experience with the ICP tests and discuss them with the Reefing community to hear your opinions. First, let me explain my long-standing approach, which I am generally very satisfied with. I don’t do home tests except for the no3 and po4. I rely on...
  5. harrysmarinelife

    Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods SPONSOR RED SEA XXL 900 180 GALLON (FULL SET) REDUCED! $8000 local delivery

    LOCATED IN GARDENA,CA Heres your chance to get the biggest head start into reefing at a heavily discounted price! This full setup was only used for 4 months! Everything is practically NEW! Local delivery included in price for anyone in around the Gardena , California area. $8000 takes it all ...
  6. S

    Trigger systems triton - no rubber gaskets for drains?

    Just purchased and installed. Ran and noticed small leaks on the top where drain and return lines plug in. Realized there should be a gasket here, checked box and didn't see any. Also checked online and saw no mentions of this or discussion anywhere. No instruction manual anywhere. Am I...
  7. B

    Maryland Lighting Dosing Drygoods Triton test kits, Kessil Grow Light, AI 52 HD lights, and More Will Ship - $30.00 - $300.00

    I have the following items up for sale. Prices don't include shipping if you want to send me an offer please pm me the offer and no low balls, please. Any questions feel free to post. All listings come with needed cables (power adapters, usb cables). All equipment has been tested and is working...
  8. D

    Need better QC on chemicals

    I opened four 1,000ml cartons today and none had 1,000ml of solution. Here is what I got: Sulphate had 910ml Magnesium had 900ml Bromine had 875ml Boron had 750ml To me, this is not acceptable. If you're paying for 1,000ml then you should get 1,000ml.
  9. ajjw0828

    Michigan Sumps Drygoods Triton 44 v2 SUMP BRAND NEW

    Selling Terms Of Service YES I have read the terms and agree to them I have new in the box Triton 44 V2 Sump. Never used. Went to install and has 1" input for the over flow drains. I need 1.5" Purchased a CR44 instead. Pick-up Holt MI, can deliver to Jackson, MI. Sump does have one little...
  10. T

    Huge refugium & tank without water changes - what are the cons?

    Hello, I am considering using refugium or algae scrubber as the main source of filtration (previously I was more into carbon dosing, which I am doing currently). That would mean buying a smaller skimmer for my new tank and/or letting it run only for some hours every day. I wonder - what are...
  11. randalli

    BioBase - overdose, underdose or not dose at all?

    BioBase is the only supplement I still dose by hand every day which is tedious. I really want to dose it automatically as well but my pump is only good for fractions of 0.1ml. Currently I need to dose 0.36ml though. So my question is basically: If I wanted to dose it automatically (especially...
  12. Huynhter_Soldier

    USA Dry Good Trade Triton Core 7 element

    I have eight cases of Triton Core 7 element 1000ml for trade. Looking to trade for a powerhead. Something like a Gyre XF350, octo pulse 4, mp 10 or 40
  13. Marco Pardun

    Build Thread Marco´s Clean Reef Tank - 26 gallon (No Skimmer ans Sump)

    Hello A few months have now passed since the start of my nano reef tank and it's very good. I did without a skimmer and sump and wanted a clean and simple look. It works very well The tank is supplied with Triton for other methods, which is dosed 4 times a day. I do a 30L water change and...
  14. Wiskey

    Supplementing Triton Core 7 with Kalk to reduce cost? I'm trying it, have you?

    Hello all! I have a 135 gallon SPS dominated tank with 50 Gallon sump and 40 gallon frag tank, I set it up using Triton Core 7 with DOS pumps and a Trident and it's worked very well to this point. The problem is cost, as the demand has increased so has the uptake, as of a week ago I was dosing...
  15. Jonify

    Ever wanted to take action after an ICP test, but didn't have the right products on hand?

    [updated Jan 24, 2022] I did a thing! I was reading over on another thread earlier today after searching for info on how much of something to dose after receiving a recent ICP-Analysis test. The issue was, my ICP Analysis tells me how much I need to dose to get to the target levels, but the...
  16. Dahaker89

    Triton turn around time

    What's the longest anyone had to wait after Triton received your sample for the results?
  17. Dmolinini524

    How to dose small triton amounts

    So I recently did an icp test from triton labs and found I’m a little low on a few elements so I purchased tritons reagents to address these areas. My question is some of the amounts I have to dose on certain elements is extremely small like .11 ml how do I accurately do this lol. Not sure what...
  18. T

    BioBase vs BioBase ULNS

    Hi there, I recently had my first N-DOC analysis done and was suggested to dose BioBase ULNS. I know that it's supposed to be a nutrition supply for low nutrition systems, but I was wondering when to use the ULNS version instead of the regular one. In fact, what are the differences in...
  19. RaeOfSunshine

    White build up on glass

    Hi guys. I have used Triton for ages but for some reason with this batch I keep getting a white calcium like build up on my tank glass. Everything seems happy.... Every time I clean it it build back up. Has anyone had anything similar?
  20. C

    Triton: Why can't I mix the 4 components in one container?

    As the title says: Triton: Why can't I mix the 4 components in one container? /Casper
  21. Rhoads238

    Triton method

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some insight from those of you who are using or have used the triton method. I'm considering running it on my upcoming build and would like to hear what you guys think of it. The tank I am going to be running will be a mixed reef leaning more toward SPS. I am...
  22. R

    Help with water clarity using Triton method

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had any tips on improving water clarity while using the Triton method and carbon dosing. My tank always looks like a milkshake and I'm not sure how to improve it without disrupting the nutrient balance. I run higher end nutrient levels 10-15ppm no3 and carbon...
  23. uniquecorals

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On! 20% off all livestock, and up to 20% off select brands.

    The huge sale event started! Friday to Monday, new drops every day. #memorialdayweekend #sale 20% off all #livestock - colonies, frags, collector's items, signature corals. Use code MW20 at checkout. Plus great drygoods discounts too! All these amazing brands will be on sale. (no code...
  24. Kaiser

    Ran out of Core7 3b and the replacement will not arrive until the 19th.

    So I realized that I ran out of Triton Core7 3B this morning, and upon searching, can't find the refill carton that I thought I had. I ordered the 5L Jugs a few days ago but they will not arrive until the 19th. I looked around and it lists 3B as Alkalinity + Trace, which is the same as 3a, but...
  25. R

    Hello Excited to come back to groove after a couple year break

    Hello R2R community. I've been reefing since 2012 and took a break for a gap of about 2 years due to living situations. Finally got set up again and decided to set up for propagation this go around as that what was I always enjoyed, fragging and watching corals grow. My current setup is a 75 gal...