1. E

    Unknown white fizzy things

    I keep finding these white fuzzy type things all over my rocks and I’m concerned about what they are, hopefully you can tell what they are in the pictures, if not I will try and take better photos
  2. P

    Is this a hydroid?

    Is this something I should worry about?
  3. E

    Soft coral ID please

    I can’t seem to find any pictures of a coral that looks like this one, maybe you guys know what this soft coral is?
  4. E

    Another petco coral ID please

    I went to buy the coral that I last posted about but they did not have it, they however had this one and it looked interesting and unique and I have never seen a soft coral that looks like this, I have no idea if it is full extended are not in these pictures but I can say he was way shriveled up...
  5. E

    Coral id

    This coral is at my local petco but I have no idea what they are and they get them in all the time, can anyone help me with this I’d?
  6. E

    Soft coral ID please

    I got this coral as a unknown soft coral I thought it might have been a Kenya tree but it looks nothing like the Kenya tree it’s next to, a ID would be much appreciated, thank you.
  7. L


    Hey guys. I’ve noticed this white splotch on my purple tang recently but did not think much of it. Recently my powder blue tang died, i’m unsure of the cause, but I remembered that the powder blue tang had a similar white splotch a week or two prior to him dying. I’ve attached photos of both...
  8. J

    EMERGENCY Can anyone identify this in refugium ?

    Hi, my mother recently got into the reef hobby, and after setting up a refugium in her sump just a few days ago, she has noticed this growing from within the chaeto in the sump. The Cheeto came from her local fish shop, and have only noticed it today so haven’t been able to get to the shop to...
  9. E

    Critter ID please

    This came off of two zoanthid colony’s I bought from petco, can anyone tell me what it might be?
  10. E

    What are these things all over my rocks?

    So I see these small white weird looking things everywhere on my rocks and it doesn’t look like aptaisia or anything to me
  11. E

    Unknown critter ID

    I saw this thing crawl out of one of my rocks during coral feeding, I swiftly took it out but am concerned on what it is please help I.d this thing for me ,thank you.
  12. AustinC63

    White hairs coming off cleaner shrimp? - Parasite? Sickness? Normal? See Pics

    I noticed some white hair like things coming off of my cleaner shrimp today (see photos & video). You can really see it protruding from his legs and tail. Does anyone know if this is normal? I'm afraid it might be a parasite or some sort of sickness but I cant seem to find much information on it.
  13. TheStripedHermit

    EMERGENCY Unknown disease killing fish

    When the fish enters the tank it is perfectly healthy and eating regularly however its appetite slowly begins to go down until it stops eating, this is noticeable after two weeks. By around the third it starts flashing against rocks and erratically swimming all over the tank causing bruises and...
  14. Damdeno

    What is this? Snail leftovers?

    Just found this yesterday I do have some astrea snails and I have a hermit crab that I know likes to munch on the dead ones. I also have a snowflake clown and an orange one, don’t know how to spell the other name for them, and a coral beauty . Just wanted to see if anybody has seen something...
  15. TheStripedHermit

    EMERGENCY Extremely lethal and mysterious disease killing fish

    It all started when I added a midas a few months ago and ever since then any new fish I add to the tank will always die after a week or two however it does not affect inverts. The symptoms displayed are a reduction in appetite but still eating and gently pacing the glass. At the end the fish...
  16. SC1000

    Is this snail good or bad?

    A mysterious snail has appeared in my tank. Is it a good snail (coral friendly ?) or not? Can someone identify it? thanks
  17. Micaeltercer

    Clownfish fin rot ID possibly velvet?

    Hello guys, I have a clownfish and diamond goby in a 20g QT tank. 2 days since purchased. They’ve been getting light feeding and seem okay. The goby is shy and stays hidden behind PVC. The clown has some tissue degradation. Looks like skin peeling, on his tail, and fins. I’ve started dosing...
  18. R

    Unknown pest

    Can anyone tell me what this pest is, and if it is a threat to my reef. It’s a very small white/ or translucent oval shaped pest. I’m seeing them on my glass as well as coral and live rock.
  19. N11morales

    Hammer unknown white spot

    Hello I don’t believe this was here the other day Lights are out now but when the lights are on it stays fully extended. Just want to make sure it’s not dying on me. Been in the tank 3 weeks haven’t seen any problems. And yes the coral was dipped before putting it into my tank.
  20. Accidentalreefers

    What type of Coral frag is this?

    Hey fellow reefers, we currently received a coral frag package from a fello hobbyist is our area. We where told this is a Devils Hand Leather but further research makes me believe this might be another type of leather, any input would be great thanks!
  21. BloopFish

    Unknown Pseudochromis?

    Hey, didn't know where to post this, but I was looking at this fish and was trying to figure out what it is and I basically can't. I've seen it offered for sale by multiple places as "vampire pseudochromis- Maldives" with the exact same picture. Thing is, it doesn't look like the typical vampire...
  22. Cole nelson

    Help identify unknown specimen

    So I was observing my tank and to my surprise I ran into something very strange that caught my eye. It seems to be a type of snail but without a shell. This “snail” is a little smaller than a dime. Help would be appreciated! It’s kinda creepy! *See images below*
  23. Haubfather07

    Sump Growers. ID Please? Good/Bad?

    Hi all! First 6 month cleaning of the sump. I have a ton of the attached ‘things’ growing in my sump. I’d like to clean and make it look pretty again. Should I clean them all out? Are they good/bad? Leave them. Advice please and thank you in advance!!
  24. KMench

    Another SPS ID Thread

    Hello, I purchased these frags locally from a vendor. He stated they were maricultured corals and couldn't provide a definitive name for them except the one, which he called a rainbow stag. Can anyone assist in ID who knows more than myself? TIA!
  25. Moonfruit777

    What are those antennas? (Setosa)

    Hello, a friend of mine has a setosa and would like to know about these little antennas sticking out of the coral. They move in the flow and retract on contact, like a feather duster. Are they any reason to be concerned or to dip the coral? Could they cause the polyps to not extend fully...