1. Cole nelson

    Help identify unknown specimen

    So I was observing my tank and to my surprise I ran into something very strange that caught my eye. It seems to be a type of snail but without a shell. This “snail” is a little smaller than a dime. Help would be appreciated! It’s kinda creepy! *See images below*
  2. Haubfather07

    Sump Growers. ID Please? Good/Bad?

    Hi all! First 6 month cleaning of the sump. I have a ton of the attached ‘things’ growing in my sump. I’d like to clean and make it look pretty again. Should I clean them all out? Are they good/bad? Leave them. Advice please and thank you in advance!!
  3. KMench

    Another SPS ID Thread

    Hello, I purchased these frags locally from a vendor. He stated they were maricultured corals and couldn't provide a definitive name for them except the one, which he called a rainbow stag. Can anyone assist in ID who knows more than myself? TIA!
  4. Moonfruit777

    What are those antennas? (Setosa)

    Hello, a friend of mine has a setosa and would like to know about these little antennas sticking out of the coral. They move in the flow and retract on contact, like a feather duster. Are they any reason to be concerned or to dip the coral? Could they cause the polyps to not extend fully...
  5. Snake132

    Have a clownfish which I thought was percula added another clown now told both are neither perc/ocel

    Basically both the clownfish I have seem like they are Unidentified species to everyone I ask !!!!!!!!!! Pictures are attached for you all to judge Orange one is the new unidentified one Darker one is the old one who is also unidentified ! Hi, I’m very confused and wanting some help with my...
  6. Moonfruit777

    Another Acro ID please :)

    Ahoy again! Another acro without a name here... Latin or Hobby name or both are needed :) Very nice green and blue color on this acro! Edit: Usually the colors are a little stronger and the blue is less washed out- unfortunately I had to break it loose and dip it 3 days ago :( Thanks!
  7. Moonfruit777

    Acro ID please :)

    Ahoy! Is anyone able to ID this litle Acropora of mine? Latin name and or hobby/designer name would be much appreciated :) Coral grows long thin branches. Growth is rather fast. The coral seems to be very tough. The color under bright Light is a deep purple with neon green tips. Under low...
  8. joshbridges


    im a current newbie to the saltwater comunity and my clownfish isnt doing well ,, he is active and showing no signs of being stressed but he has this stuff on his fins and nose, similar to cottonspores in freshwater fish here are 2 pics of my fish ,, any help is very much appreciated
  9. Giraffe0621

    Help ID this unknown? (LPS?) from Tampabay Saltwater Liverock

    Can anyone tell me what this guy is? It arrived on my TBS liverock & is a beautiful pinkish/orange with orange polyps(?) fringe with green tips when the water gets stirred up. I might be completely wrong that it's LPS, so if it is, can someone point me in the right direction? There's tons of...
  10. C

    What is this?

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I saw it in a display tank at one of our LFS this week. The owner said it was rare and told me what it is, but now I can't remember! It seems to be some kind of anenome inside a hard out covering. Thanks!!