uv sterilizer

  1. JackerVenom

    UV flow rate recommendation for Dino’s?

    Hey everyone need help with UV flow rate because I know it’s vital for actually being affective. Currently I have a 9 gallon tank and bought and 8watt UV sterilizer. (Aqua brand) At what flow rate should my pump be? I don’t wanna go to fast but don’t understand the math for it
  2. Reefer37

    Pros and Cons to UV Filters

    Hey guys, so I know very little on UV Filters and was recommended to using one to help combat my cyano problem. I'm not too sure what they do other than it killing algae/bacteria that passes through it. Are there pros and cons to them? Will I have to feed more to keep nutrient up or anything...
  3. Kaiser

    What size UV to save me from Dinoflagellates?

    I've been battling Dinoflagellates for months now and I've had enough. I already tried a blackout and that kept them at bay for 2 weeks but they came back eventually, I've tried increasing nutrients and that hasn't changed a thing, so I've given in and decided to plumb in a UV Sterilizer. I'm...
  4. wake122

    Florida Georgia 93 Cube Tank Breakdown (Custom Stand/ Sump, Radion, Neptune Trident, Neptune DOS, Algae Scrubber, BRS 2 part)

    Breaking down one of my tanks so I can spend more time with my little one. $900- Tank, Custom Stand/ Canopy and Custom Sump (pick up only Flowery Branch, Ga) 93 Gallon cube tank Custom built Stand (inside the stand has lights with a switch on the side) Canopy with retrofit T5 24" x2 lights 45...
  5. Fishbro

    Utah Miscellaneous Uv sterilizer, test kits, pump, light, etc

    Have a bunch of assorted dry goods I’m looking to sell. Coral life uv sterilizer might need new bulb: $65 Refractometer: $10 Hydrometer: free if you buy Refractometer MaxFlow SWP-480 barely used comes in new wrapping with everything: $15 Black Box Led with electronic display and remote: $60...
  6. B

    Build Thread Brandon's Quarantine edition 80 gallon SCA upgrade.

    Hey, long time member but I never felt I hand anything that I was particularly proud of. I've kept the same Biocube 32 for 9 years with success, but I never was able to do more with it due to the size limitations of the tank. Back in late Jan, I got the go-ahead to upgrade the tank, I still...
  7. MarineREEFpassion

    DT loop pump aquascape ideas

    Hey all so I’m doing a closed loop system for my new UV light. I need to put a pump in my 125 gallon DT. The pump is 8.2”x3.5”x4.13” I need to use that to feed the UV sterilizer then it’ll flow back into the tank. Has anyone had any success hiding/aquascaping this kind of item within your DT...
  8. MarineREEFpassion

    Small footprint pump but powerful ideas

    Ok all I need help trying to find a submersible pump that isn’t overly large but strong enough for at least 2100 GPH. I’m going to set up my new UV sterilizer to be fed straight from the tank back into the tank. Anyone that has done this what pumps did you use and did you have success hiding the...
  9. M

    Build Thread build thread- New 220 waterbox reef tank

    Got the tank delivered on February 17 2020
  10. Big D

    Georgia Dry Goods...

    All prices are shipped within the US... Note... the $20 bill is for size reference, it’s not included with any of the items. Lol Red Sea Aquazone plus 100 ozonizer - $55 Link for reference AquaMedic 36w UV sterilizer (very large) - $100 (could use a new bulb) Link for reference AquaMedic...
  11. ACF930

    Pennsylvania TMC Vecton 600 UV Sterilizer

    TMC Vecton 600 UV Sterilizer 25 Watt and rated for up to 180-500 gallons. Used for about 3 months to fight ich and no longer need it. $120 shipped.
  12. Idoc

    Recommended pump for an Aqua UV 57watt

    I recently picked up an Aqua UV 57w unit used...couldn't pass up the price, even though it is a bit big for my system (75g tank, approx. 100g total). I will eventually hook this up in my sump for regular use, but initially will be using it to clear out some dinos in my main tank. In order to...
  13. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  14. L

    Use of nopox with uv sterilizer and ozone

    Hello. I would like know your experience dousing nopox when you have uv sterilizer and ozone, it have some problem or maybe or know if the ozone and uv reduce the nopox effect That is because i have the two systems and i start yo use nopox but the nitrates level doesnt star to be reduced
  15. rapid

    UV sterilizer in MY REEF TANK !

    Hello ! SO i have installed a uv sterilizer to clear up my newly set up fish tank were about 5 months into it now. there is some live stock and ive added some bacteria to it with the sterilizer off to allow the bacteria to get into the rock !. the Uv sterilizer defintly helped clear the water...
  16. HaloPhenom27

    Dino and UV Sterilizers.

    So I have a second outbreak of Dino. My goal is to attack it naturally this time by outcompeting it with beneficial bacteria and running a dirty tank essentially. My tank is currently in a 3 day blackout just to knock it back some before addressing the issue. I have never considered my tank to...
  17. L

    Pennsylvania Emperor 40W UV Sterilizer

    This thing is a monster. Quartz sleeve is in good shape. Will need a bulb. $37 on amazon. You may be able to find it lower. Quartz sleeve is $39 on amazon. Only showing it in case damage were to occur in shipping. $260 shipped. With buying new bulb you get the Emperor (now Pentair) 40w...
  18. BZOFIQ

    New York Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 UV Sterilizer (8 Watt) With Hanger

    Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000 UV Sterilizer (8 Watt) With Hanger Brand New in Box, box had labels on it that have been removed and some marker writing. Unit will come in unopened box. I no longer need it as through my research I found out I'll need bigger more powerful unit for my new...
  19. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] A lot of stuff! Lights, pumps, skimmer, powerheads, Apex accessories...

    EDIT: Remaining items moved to this thread I'm willing to do local trades for purple or blue acropora. Teal staghorn doesn't count lol :p Everything is in good working order (unless otherwise noted) Paypal or Venmo. Thanks. PICKUP: West Hollywood 90046 (right next to plumbers park) 250$...
  20. jk_s124

    Wisconsin WTB 25 watt UV transformer ballast power supply

    Looking to by a replacement 25 watt ballast power supply transformer for my emperor aquatics 25 watt UV Sterilizer. Pm if you have one you’re looking to sell. Thanks
  21. Scurvy

    Massachusetts RSR 250, Apex DDR, Apex VDM, Apex LSM

    Red Sea Reefer 250 - SOLD Advantage UV Sterilizer 2000 (15watt) - SOLD Apex VDM Module - SOLD Apex DDR - SOLD Two 8” x 8” x 1” Blocks of Marine Pure - SOLD Apex LSM w/3 Light String - SOLd Unused/New in Box - Innovative Marine leveling Mat 72”x24” $25 Shipped
  22. Crimson

    New Jersey Break Down Sale!

    So I broke down my Custom 32 Gallon AIO and here is what I have for sale: (Local pickup 08090/08003 I can offer discount) Free shipping unless noted. Pictures can be found here: LINK - Heater Package: Finnex 300 watt heater TH-300 , Ink Bird controller and Grounding probe $45 - IceCap ATO...
  23. Oscar1018

    Canister filter whit a uv light?

    So I have a question about a canister filter that I have, it has a uv light. I have a mix reef a 40b whit a 20g sump, I'm thinking about using the canister filter for the uv light in this system in conjunction with the sump, has any one done this and how it workout for you. My plan is to use it...
  24. B

    New Jersey For Sale: 2 Slightly Used 24w Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer with Powerhead

    All - selling two very gently used UV sterilizers. Bought very recently (5/24) from DrFosterSmith, they work great and cleared up my cyano in a few days, but decided to replace with a bigger in-line 54w AquaUV unit. Will sell to best offer, they retail for $68 new each. Let me know if interested.
  25. Punchanello

    Dealing with Pea Soup - Solution Found!

    I wanted to share my experience dealing with severe water clarity issues and water borne algae. I started cycling my tank in March 2018. I ran it without a skimmer and once cycled I added a clown, Blenny and Watanabe Angel of the course of about two months. Unfortunately there was a long delay...