1. R

    Vibrant and Red Sea NOPOX for algae

    Does anyone know if you can use Red Sea Nopox while using Vibrant to get rid of hair algae. I recently changed my lights from T5s to LED and can’t seem to get hair algae under control. My fish are in Quarantine because of ich and have been out of the display for 60 days. I plan on putting them...
  2. BostonReefer300

    Vibrant and Macroalgae - Poll

    Many of us with refugiums and macroalgae use Vibrant occasionally to tackle a troublesome nuisance algae outbreak. You're supposed to take your macroalgae out before you dose Vibrant. However, it's unclear (at least to me) how long after last Vibrant dose you can put the macroalgae back in...
  3. S

    Tapering off Vibrant

    summary: I successfully eliminated bubble algea using vibrant. I slowly ramped up my dose from 2ml per week up to 5ml per week. It's taken three months but the bubble algae is finally gone. I think I'm going to slowly ramp down the dose over the next month or two. I have read that vibrant act...
  4. C

    How long after dosing Vibrant can Macroalgae be safe?

    I dosed Vibrant several times with some good results, but algae still grows. I know it will look great over time, but long term will not solve my nutrient issues. I know managing a refugium is going to be a better solution long-term. I did not realize how detrimental it was to Macroalgae and...
  5. Ketan

    Kansas Missouri Vibrant 16 OZ NEW - $30

    1. Vibrant Reef 16Oz new, sealed bottle. $30 shipped. Sells for $35 new. Will throw in some used coral food too.
  6. E

    What type of algae is this?

    I have been using vibrant for about 4 weeks now, it honestly doesn’t seem like it is doing anything, this algae is spreading at an alarming rate and I can not get rid of it, what type of algae might this be? And also does vibrant actually work or is it a gimmick? I use RO/DI water so that’s not...
  7. FabienB

    IDENTIFICATION of type of DINO please

    Hi ip french , i have change all of my rock in my reefer 170 ,for marco since 2 month and now i have à invasion of dino i think but which ? i post photo , and also can you tell me the best solution ? I have tried 4 dose of DINO X FAUNA MARIN and at the day 8 so 4 doses there were even more so i...
  8. J

    Dinoflagellates and vibrant

    So ive got a pretty nasty dino outbreak in my 150 gal. They spread over the entire tank in less than 2 days from when i noticed them. I added vibrant this past monday at the reccomended dose and by thursday every acro i had has bleached white and died and my lps that were doing great ( torches...
  9. Bleakborn

    Using Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank?

    So my question is simple, would you use Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank? Would/Could you even add it before there is a sign of Algae? Some background; I am in the process of setting up a 20 gallon long quarantine/frag tank to hold my monti frags while I deal with the dreaded montipora...
  10. R

    Using vibrant

    I am thinking about dosing my 125gallon tank with vibrant but it is new to me. i have been spot dosing hair algae with peroxide and it seems to be working for me. I was thinking about vibrant to clean that issue up and also clean my rock up a little. When dosing with vibrant do you turn off any...
  11. Z

    Best way to get rid of green hair algae?

    Starting to get a little out break so I thought I figure out how everyone else deals with this.
  12. Mickeyfairlane

    Brown/Red hair algae, coral dying

    Hi all, I recently had an outbreak of brownish reddish stringy algae in a year old, 30 gallon tank. (which I think was dinos) I dosed Vibrant as per instructions and now my alveopora/zoas/ric are closed up and seem to be dying. Monti's seem to be fine however. I did a lot of manual removal of...
  13. Darkshadow1500

    Dosing Vibrant and Microbacter Clean?

    Hello I have a question about if it would be okay to dose vibrant and microbacter clean together Right now I dose vibrant ever other week and algae still grows luckily I have a few turbo snails and conch’s that do a great job keeping up. I’m curious is the week I don’t dose vibrant if it would...
  14. JSully_94

    Seeking advice on Vibrant

    I started dosing vibrant April 1st due to some annoying turf algae. I have a 20 gallon aquarium that I set up in January. The Vibrant instructions suggest 1 ml for every 10 gallons every two weeks. I only dosed 1 ml of vibrant April 1st because I wanted to start out slow. My original plan was...
  15. L

    Build Thread Levi's Redsea Reefer

    Just a few pics of my reef
  16. Rick Gaas

    Bacteria maintenance. What do you dose?

    Just getting an idea of what bacteria people dose. Please list what products, how often, and why you dose them. Do you have a specific bacteria product you dose for dirty sand, algae, to lower nutrients??? Share what works fo you! Thanks!
  17. Jizu Puentes

    My Vibrant Experience with Pictures

    Ive read multiple threads on the Vibrant cleaner and Ive also talked to people in my local reefing group. Everyone seemed to have a good experience with it but I still didnt want to try it until it circulated more. What finally convinced me was when i talked to my LFS owner and he told me that...
  18. CarolinaReefs

    Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner - Poll

    There are a lot people who have had success with this product. The Official Discussion Thread can be found here : There are so may pages of feedback on this product I thought that I would create a Poll...
  19. cromag27

    vibrant and me vs. bryopsis

    i've had an ongoing battle with this junk for a couple years in my bc29. it's been isolated to the top portion of just one rock, but i still wanted to get rid of it. i've tried three different batches of tech m but none of them did the trick. here's my dosing log and some pics. i've been...
  20. UWC

    Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner * Discussion Thread

    Hello Everyone, We had been asked to come on this forum and answer a few questions about Vibrant for a few users here in different threads. We thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion thread about Vibrant, how it was created, what is it, how it works, etc. Then there will be a...