1. Madonia

    Angry avocado Zoa head not opening

    Hi guys. First post ever here. I recently got into the hobby. I have a bio cube 32 tank. Running the stock lights as well as a pretty powerful 10 inch LED additive light. Recently got some corals (zoas frag pack) from WWC. One of the zoas (angry avocado) has 5 heads. 2 of them aren’t opening...
  2. Kolby’s Reef

    Anyone know what all zoas I have?

    If you could please list them by the color of the circle i drew around them. I also included some more closer pictures of them as well. Thanks! Red= Green= White= Black= Blue=
  3. Miguel Negron

    Advice for Zoa Garden

    Hello, Thanks for reading the thread. Im currently starting a new tank with the Waterbox 20g Cube. I wanted to start a Zoa Garden the correct way and wanted to know any advice from fellow reefers who have a Zoa Garden. The best way to create one, maintaining the garden, which rocks, or even...
  4. A

    Anybody running a kessil a160we and keeping heaps of zoas?

    Hey guys I got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule would be beneficial for growth, can someone recommend...
  5. A

    Help me set up my Kessil A160 & Zoa tank!

    Hey guys I recently got a Kessil a160 for my 18 inch cube (90 litre) Zoa dominated tank, my question to you guys is 1. I have my zoa rack about half way through the tank and the Kessil About 5-6 inches from the water, what light settings/schedule can someone recommend? Currently have them set...
  6. CoralGuy19

    Nebraska $11 coral frags

    I've got a number of various kinds of coral frags available. All frags are $11 a piece plus shipping. If interested, message me which numbers you would like and I can give you a quote on shipping as well. These pictures are examples of frags and not specific as I have multiple frags of each...
  7. TCK Corals

    New Years Eve Sale! Only 2 Hours Left! Save 25% Last Sale Of The Decade!

    Last chance to save 25% off our entire site and take advantage of our discounted shipping rate $35/ Out of State | $21 In State and Surrounding States
  8. Camaro Show Corals

    The Camaro Shows HIGH END SPS 550 Gallon system with Custom AGE 210g and large grow out system! (Picture Heavy)

    Hello all, My name is Chayse and I love collecting and sharing my corals. I am a hardcore stick head and zoa fanatic. But I mostly specialize in high end and rare corals. I have been reefing for a little over 5 years now and keeping freshwater for over 10 years. Edit: 12/04/12 The grow out...
  9. J

    Connecticut Selling whole setup (Coral+Fish)

    Bunch of zoa's(purple monster, sunkist, candy apple some more i forgot the names), green star polyp, 2 hammer corals, green and red kenya tree and a couple others shown in picture (not sure the name). Fishes are 2 clownfish (1 orange + 1 black) , 2 chromis, captive bred Mandarin goby, green war...
  10. Ejostling

    Something growing on zoas

    I have searched around and haven't had any luck identifying what this is...has anyone had something like this? Currently my tank is thriving except this dang zoa colony.
  11. Ejostling

    Zoas dying

    Has anyone had a Zoa colony do this? It looks like the polyps are melting and turning brown. I have looked carefully for pests and visually there is nothing to see. They are just slowly melting away. Any advice on how to save them?
  12. Koshal14

    Hermit Crab Eating My Zoa?

    I just caught my Hermit crabs on top of my New Zoa frag this evening. Think they may have been eating it. The lights have just gone up and polyps has just closed. We all open earlier when the blues were on. Do they eat Zoas? I moved them but then one went straight back on it. Do I need to put...
  13. kevin1221

    New York Cleaning all zoas

    Zoas all have to go ASAP pm me for more pics any 5 frags for $135included white zombie purple monster chucky s bride sunny D la laker Rasta rainbow incinerator gb buttkisser utter chao gb tiger hornet Sakura gb pink flamingo Latin lovers rainbow infusion superstar and more each frag has 2-3...
  14. Emi2852

    Zoanthids aren't opening.. and look strange with how they are closed.

    Hey, I'm hoping some one on here can help me determine what is going on with my Zoas. I have had these frags for about three months and have been doing fine until this past week. I have been using Fluval's salt mix, and have been dosing magnesium occasionally. Also last week I found a 1ish inch...
  15. Rifts2Reefs

    Palythoa and Zoanthid IDs

    Brand new to the forum, as well as still new to the reefing scene (2 years now). Will be using this thread to post some of the more interesting looking Palys and Zoas I find, which I can't positively ID to anything else I've seen so far. Here's a few to start it off. Picked up these up from an...
  16. Jennie

    Virginia Zoas, candy canes, mushrooms oh my!

    I am wanting to sell almost everything inside my frag tank. I just don’t have the time for upkeep anymore. Local pick up only in Southwest Virginia.
  17. TCK Corals

    Heatwave 40% OFF Sale 88 New WYSIWYG LPS AND SPS - ACAN, ACROs, ZOAS, MONTI's Corals Just Updated to site!

    Click on the links below and do not wait to checkout as there's no way for us to guarantee your product wont be checked out by someone else looking at the product at the same time. Rainbow Acan AUT78-2019-08-24 $125 Sweet Acan AUT79-2019-08-24 $150 Yellow Ring Acan AUT80-2019-08-24 $125...
  18. SplishySplashy

    California Speckled Krakatoas

    I have a frag of 2 polyps Speckled Krakatoa to trade for a similiar valued coral. Let me know what you got. Local trade only in Socal / Orange County area
  19. AquariumSpecialty

    14th Anniversary Aquarium Specialty Fall Kickoff Live Sale - Sept 28th

    Scroll Down for Details and Teasers! THE LIVE SALE BEGINS TOMORROW 9/28/2019 AT NOON EASTERN.
  20. R

    Zoa ID

    Hello reef community, new to the hobby and really addicted lol :D. I have bought this assorted zoa from tidal waves and they send me a frag with2 sorts of zoas on them. I was able to frag some off and would love to ID them. Also might have some available for trades if anyone is interested. Thank...
  21. CoralManz

    Florida Golden Basket But*kisser for Sale 4 polyps $180 local $270 shipped+ freebies

    GB BKs 4polyps for sale $180 local Naples,FL $270 shipped+ freebies
  22. YourReef

    YR 15 Year Anniversary LIVE SALE- Saturday July 20th- 10am-2pm pacific

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday July 20th for our YR 15 Year Anniversary Live Sale from 10am-2pm pacific/ 1pm-5pm eastern. 700+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale thread on...
  23. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Vamps in Drag Zoa Frag $37.50 On Sale!

  24. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Get a free frag of OG Yoda Zoas with every order over $200

  25. jerrad

    North Carolina Yard sale

    local pickup is encouraged. Although shipping is available. Will be posting up a bit more this evening. ThanksRastas $20rainbow infusion $15rainbow incinerator $20pink zippers $35chucky’s bride $25sunny d $35wwc Cookie Monster $30deep water acro $30pc rainbow $25hairy mushroom $20hollywood...
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