1. Brian W

    ASD Leprechauns colony FS

    WYSIWYG 8 polyps $800 shipped
  2. Isabella rubalcaba

    New to the forum !!!

    Hello all !!! Girl reefer trying to help out others & learn as much as i can off the hobby !!! Currently running a 90 gallon mixed reef & a smaller 30 gallon is on its way !!! What kind of system do you have !? Will post pics of my reef soon !
  3. YourReef

    WYSIWYG Clearance- Price drop on over 300+ corals!

    WYSIWYG Clearance! Free Shipping – All orders at/over $149.99 qualify for free shipping. Anything under $149.99 will be charged the Overnight Shipping fee of $39.99. Discounted CA Shipping rates are available- see our delivery information page for more info-...
  4. Reefiness

    Bunch of Large frags/mini colonies of utter chaos for sale!

    Hello all, been growing these frags out for some time now. Listed at less than $10pp. If I remember the counts correctly these 5 pieces have from front to back of image 1 (18p, 19p, 21p), and both frags in image 2 have 22p Looking for: 18p - $165 19p - (SOLD) 21p - $185 22p - (SOLD) 22p -...
  5. AlyciaMarie

    Zoa experts assemble

    I started my tank about 2 months ago and just started filling it up with zoas of all kinds. Now I have this tank thats got all these different zoas growing all over the place and when someone asks, "what kind of zoas are those?" My response is, "uh, green ones?" Help!! It's time to play.... Name...
  6. K

    Bowsers, Hallucinations, JB's, and More

    Hello. Like most of us, I went nuts and spent too much on corals. I need to free up cash for other corals. Haha. Story of our lives. Shipping a flat $50; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Ironically, all but the sonic flares and one JB are from this forum. Feel...
  7. YourReef

    YR Bakers Dozen Live Sale- July 22nd 2pm-6pm (pst)

    Join us this weekend for our Bakers Dozen Live Sale from 2-6pm pacific time. More info to follow soon.....be on the lookout for some teaser photos as well. :)
  8. Pieces of the Ocean

    Collectors zoa pack 4 for $79

    Click image for details:
  9. Keaton

    FINALLY! Its finally unavoidable. I'm fragging my goods!

    I'll list everything with the price without shipping and the price of shipping will just be the current rate for fedex next day air. I'll replace or refund any DOAs just be sure to inform me the day of arrival. Wildfire Zoas - $40 per polyp or 3 for $100 WWC Lime Green Cyphastrea - Fully...
  10. YourReef

    YR Summer Fun Live Sale- June 3rd 1-7pm (pacific time)

    Join us this Saturday June 3rd from 1-7pm (pacific time) for our Summer Fun Live Sale. Over 500 WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 Frag Specials & awesome giveaways! Teaser photos & more info to follow. :)
  11. WWC

    Say hello to our Little Friends!

    Pay your respects to this pack of Zoas! Limited quantities so get them before it's too late! Plus, 70 new frags added to the site! Click HERE to take you to the pack or click on the image below
  12. ItouchedThebutt

    I think something may be eating my zoas

    Help! Im new to reef keeping and my tank is acctually still being cycled but when i bought my live rock i noticed zoas growing from it. Well now it seems either something is eating them or they are just dying or even deformed. I dont see anything near them to eat it at all but i wanted to ask...
  13. potatocouch

    Brightest zoanthids at budget

    Zoas experts, what's your favourite zoas which won't cost arms and legs?
  14. S

    String like things on zoas

    I've had a small frag of zoas or maybe palys, not sure I'm kind of a nube, for about a month. I recently switched lights and ever since they have been closed for the most part and string like things aren't growing off the base, not the actual polyps like they do when expelling waste. I have a...
  15. CoralManz

    Build Thread Xenia Garden

    Display: 20 Gallon Long 30.3" x 12.5" x 12.8" Lighting: Aruba Sun Dual 39W T5s Filtration: AquaClear 30 Filter Media: Seachem Matrix Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w Circulation: Jeboa PP-4 ATO: Manual Top off GFO Reactor: Innovative Marine AquaGadget Minimax All-In-One Media Reactor...
  16. sayitfast

    Couple of pics from my frag tank

    I'm having a lot of fun with my frag tank... some zoas that are growing out nicely:
  17. ahiggins

    Bam bam zoas for sale

    Im not sure if anyone here would be interested but I need to trim my bam bams and was wondering if anyone would like to buy a frag. I will probably make 3-4 frags of maybe 10-15 polyps each (Ill update with some pics after fragging). Asking $30 for a frag. Located in Wickliffe-willing to meet...
  18. Sistawolf

    See anything??

    Sooo I once upon n a time had a pretty large colony of eagle eye zoas and noticed the colony getting smaller and smaller.. I am a zoaholic soooo I have several polyps that are expensive that I do not want this happening to.. can you see anything in the pictures that would be eating this one...
  19. TwistedCourtea

    New zoas open for a week then suddely....

    My new zoas that I got from my local lfs we're open for about a week and then all the sudden have closed and are not opening. My water parameters are good and I don't know what could have done this I haven't changed anything except for added a few new snails and hermit crabs. 0 nitrate 0 nitrite...
  20. SillyBeast67

    Need an ID on Zoa's. Thanks!

    Got this frag from a friend. Need an ID on them. Thanks!
  21. 2Shainz

    Build Thread BioCube 29G Re-Build

    So I have a thread going already in the Nano category. Needed to create one here for the Red Sea Manx Nano contest. Here is the link to my build. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/shalins-biocube-29-rebirth-build.274018/
  22. YourReef

    Cyber Monday- On Now!

  23. YourReef

    Pre-Black Friday Website Sale- Stacked Discounts!

    Discounts even apply to items already on sale!
  24. BRB

    To dip or not to dip or what to do?

    Happy Thursday Soo I got some zoas that were getting eaten by this little Dude but I got him out. I am noticing more than just him. Please help me identify what I need to do. Thanks in advance
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