1st tank build ever :)


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Jul 6, 2023
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Hey ya'll!
Here are some pics of my tank build so far! And a couple fish pics ;P
It's a Fluval 13.5 gal. A friend was getting out of saltwater fish and offered the tank to me end of last year. I cleaned out the existing substrate and the tank itself. Kept the rocks that came with it and added new sand, new filter media. got it cycled and added some friends! The kiddo (3yr) picked out the aquarium deco-all aquarium safe-the fish don't mind Kevin and Jaws ;P

These guys currently reside in the tank: *not all added at the same time, and yes that's kind of a lot, I know.*
-1 black ocellaris clown fish (my first fishie for the tank <3)
-1 firefish goby
-1 lawnmower blenny
-1 diamond watchman goby
-1 choc. chip starfish
-2 astraea snails
-2 nassarius snails
-2 hermit crabs
Unfortunately I have had some casualties since starting up.. I had a sally lightfoot crab(seemed to be doing fine until one day it was just dead), a snowstorm clownfish(was thriving until a few days ago when it passed-still unsure why), and an orchid dottyback that did not make it thru its first night with me :'( ) My water parameters have never been too far out of wack to make me think this made the fish croak.. especially when the rest of the tank is still doing well, but that is for another thread lol ;P

Give me all the feedbacks! :D I am always open to tips, tricks, and constructive criticism!!

Enjoy the week y'all!

20230710_144851[1].jpg 20230710_144914[1].jpg 20230710_141950[1].jpg 20230710_141959[1].jpg Snapchat-802515951[1].jpg