30 gallon long external or internal overflow???

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Nov 13, 2019
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Considering either two options for my next build and would like some input. I love the dimensions of the innovative marine 30L but find it a bit short so I am customizing a 30 gallon long and extending the height to 14.5 inches from 13 .. I know its a tiny bump however the tank cost is only about $50 more than buying the IM30L.

Where im having a problem is what shoudl I do for the overflow... I see some people here are using the eshopps large external overflow which makes the display tank super clean and gives it so much more room than an internal. One thing i hate about external is that it protrudes out about 3 inches ... So how does all your stands look? do you have it extending out or is it just 3 inches away form the back wall?? Any comments or what you guys would do? I love that with an internal overflow i can have the tank pretty much up against the wall .. Any advice woudl be great weather which one functions better or ways i can make the external look nicer..
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Dec 16, 2017
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They both function the same. One takes up space in the tank and one does not.
If you have a wide rim /cover / eurobrace the internal can be hard to get into unless there is a cut out.

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