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Mar 28, 2020
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Hello, I would like to get peoples input on what I should change my biocube lighting schedule too.

I would like to add more blue light into the schedule. I don't really like running so much white light all the time. Only schedules i can find are people running with nothing but high % of white light.

Anyone here running a schedule with more of the only blue lighting or can i just change the lighting to less white?
I recently won a dragon soul torch. It doesn't look anything like one in the "beauty lights" I was hoping to see if I could run the lights with just blues more often.
I mainly have LPS corals/ anemones in my tank.


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Jan 9, 2020
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Yeah to even get like 80 par at the top of the tank you have to have all the settings on which makes the lights very white. I personally have the Biocube 32 and took off the lid to add a radion as soon as I could. The dragon soul torch looks much better under blue lights personally I would upgrade that stock lighting.

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