1. Suggsreef

    Hello I’m back!!!!

    Some of you may remember me …. I took a little break as I met my fiancé and moved 100 miles away. we were renting places so I had family taking care of my tank back home. I just bought a house about 4 months ago. (Paying bills has had me too broke to get the stuff to move my tank, but my family...
  2. diamondreef

    Anyone with a 25G and an AI Hydra 32?

    Hello, Curious if I can see your light schedule if you have the same or similar size tank? I’m hoping to have someone come out or rent a par meter soon but would love to see how yours are set up until then ☺️
  3. V

    3 Month Old Biocube

    Hello Reef2Reef peers, I am new to the hobby, as my Biocube 32G is only 3 months old. My current stock is 1 Maroon Clown 1 Azure Damsel 1 Coral Beauty 1 Yellow Watchman Goby 1 Pistol Shrimp 1 Peppermint Shrimp 2 Emerald Crabs 6 snails - 3 Nassarius / 3 Turbo 6 Hermits - Scarlet / Blue legged...
  4. P

    Basic light requirements

    I am currently converting my brackish aquarium to a saltwater aquarium. It is a 14 gallon bio cube and it is also my first introduction into saltwater. I bought the tank used and the light in the hood did not work. I removed the electronics and retrofitted an under cabinet white led bar, and an...
  5. Arricefe

    Texas Steve’s LED’s with BioCube Lid. BioCube LEDS

    Mounted on BioCube lid with Hurricane X controller. $190 shipped to lower 48. I have the exact same ones in my 32 BioCube they work great, i have mostly Zoa but I have a Dunkin and 2 Acans and they are both doing great. If you have any questions HMU.
  6. J

    Build Thread BioCube 32 hood

    Hello! I have a BioCube 32 and I want to raise the hood so there is better airflow and also so my floating plants have more room to grow vertically. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  7. kaleyalbrecht

    Illinois WTB Looking for a biocube or nanocube

    Hey everyone! I currently have a 5 gallon tank I set up for my dwarf seahorses, and they’re doing great, one of the males has babies coming any day now! Anyway, I love my dwarves so much I want to set up a *normal size* seahorse tank as well, so I’m looking for a biocube or nanocube to get that...
  8. N11morales

    AI Nero 3 or Nero 5 for 32G biocube

    Hello guys I was recently thinking about adding a Nero 3 or 5 to my biocube it’s a Euphyllia dominant tank. I want to create a more random flow. I have a Jeabao SLW-10 but it just pushes out to much flow in a straight constant flow. It doesn’t pulse or wave like it says it does in the tank. If...
  9. K

    New cycling tank

    Been lurking on this forums for a bit and want to start by saying THANK YOU! This site has ben very helpful. I've wanted to get into saltwater for the longest time and i finally was in a spot to jump in! That being said, want to get your opinions on if I'm on the right track or if i need to...
  10. ReefingMom

    Cube Build Advice for a used biocube 29

    Hey there! I'm new here, but not new to the hobby. I've had freshwater and saltwater tanks, on and off for about 30 years. My 16-year-old son recently expressed an interest in getting a saltwater tank (we currently have freshwater), so I jumped at the chance to get back in and do this together...
  11. Stones-Reef

    AIO Build My Five-Year AIO Journey (Biocube 28g, IM Nuvo 40, JBJ 65)

    Just wanted to share my AIO tanks from over the years! I first started the hobby with a Biocube in 2016, moved to the 40g IM Nuvo in 2018, and now I have a JBJ 65! It's been an amazing experience learning about reefing and watching this tank grow! Please feel free to share your tanks below!
  12. YoCamron

    Connecticut Biocube 29

    I have a biocube 29 with an aquatic life mini protein skimmer, original hood, hipargero 30w LED, intank media basket, hydor circulation pumps, heater, and hydor return pump. $400 OBO for live stock i have 7 mini maxi anemones that i bought from aqua sd for $50+ each. id do like $250 for just...
  13. YoCamron

    biocube 29 gallon

    29 gallon biocube. i have a bunch of mini maxis and pink star polyps, some GSP, a big seabae and a good sized green long tentacle anemone. a huge maroon clownfish, a flame hawkfish, a big yellow watchman goby, and an orchid dottyback. aquatic life protein mini skimmer (snapped clip on it, can...
  14. D

    How fast do cleaner shrimps grow?

    Hey everyone, so three months ago i bought a skunk cleaner shrimp online for my 210g and found out this guy is tiny, almost couldn't see him in the bag. The guy who sold the shrimp said it was medium. i have been keeping this little guy for a while in the coral qt and hasn't grown much since. i...
  15. vic91218

    Six Line Wrasse bruise or sick?

    I’ve had this Six Line Wrasse for about 4 months and she’s been a beautiful addition. Starting about two days ago, my larger Davinci clownfish has unfortunately been acting very aggressive towards my smaller clown fish, which I’ve been told is relatively normal (the smaller guy is hiding out...
  16. J

    How would a GDM (golden dwarf moray) work in this setup?

    Hi! This is kind of a sequel to one of my previous posts, (would a golden dwarf moray work in this setup) and now have a few more questions. I’m wondering how my fish would do with the GDM? I have a melanurus wrasse, (he’s pretty small, around 3 inches long maybe, and not wide, and when he...
  17. J

    Any cleanup crew a Valentini puffer won’t eat?

    Hi! I’ve been thinking about future stocking for my biocube 32, and have considered the valentini puffer, they seem really neat but I am wondering if there are any cleanup crew they won’t eat. I’ve heard they defiantly would eat shrimp, but what about bigger snails? Or serpent starts or...
  18. J

    Would a golden dwarf morray work in this setup?

    I am looking to see if a golden dwarf morray eel would work in the setup I have now. It is a 32 gallon biocube, I have 2 clowns and a small melanurus wrasse (he’s small now and I am rehoming him when he gets too big). Would the tank be too small to sustain him? Liveaquaria says 30 is min but...
  19. MrDeathKills

    32gallon biocube. Lighting solution.

    Alright wife has decided to look into all avenues of lighting. She may allow me to take the hood off if the light we get is worth it. So I will list the lights we are looking at and you guys/gals can tall me how you feel about it. 32gallon biocube. Ai prime 16HD Hydra 26HD Hydra 32HD RedSea 50...
  20. J

    Can I keep a pink streak wrasse AND a possum wrasse in the same tank?

    I’ve seen the core requirements of both these wrasses, and they are both very peaceful I’ve heard, even to other wrasses, and am wondering, could they work together in a 32 gal biocube?
  21. N11morales

    AIO Build Biocube: How to clean front glass curve (bowfront)

    Hello was wondering what people use in the biocubes to clean the front corners? I tried to use a flipper and i scratched my tank a little bit. I went really slow and i just cant find a way to clean up the hard algae thats growing on the corners of my biocubes glass.
  22. hackLAB

    Very Happy with my new 29g BioCube - Feeding a Bubble Tip Anemone Video

    I've had my (bought very used) 29g BioCube set up for 1 month now, bought live sand a a boat load of true live rock. I just uploaded some footage of me feeding a Bubble Tip Anemone. This interesting new specimen is photosynthetic (I think that means gets nutrients from light), but they benefit...
  23. Daveouthere

    Any feedback welcome

    Hey guys this is what the tank is looking like right now been up for about 5-6 months. Any advice?
  24. hds4216

    Upgrading Biocube to Steve's LEDs, should I get the violet iridescence boosters?

    Upgrading my biocube to Steve's. Thinking about getting the purple iridesence boosters. Steve says this about them: I'm a bit hesitant because I don't like the purple look, it's extra money, they're hotter, and it's more maintenance. But I do like the black light effect, and better growth...
  25. Reefin87

    My Tank, your thoughts

    Hi, I’ve been in and out of the hobby for years. Recently jumped back in a little over a year ago but keeping it small with a biocube 32. We have had all types of fish and inverts in the past ranging from: blue ring octopus, mimic octopus, cuddle fish, Nautaliss, puffers, Hawaiian eel...
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