1. C

    BioCube 30gal Missing Fish - Case of the Disappearing Fish

    I have had a biocube 30gal for about 5 years now and my fish disappear consistently. I have never found one even when I know it was there earlier in the day but isn't later in the day. I have looked up in the hood, the back in all 3 compartments, in the sand, under the rocks and have even torn...
  2. N11morales

    32G Biocube switch to AI Prime HD lighting

    I have been thinking about upgrading my lights to the AI Prime HD's instead of the biocubes base lighting. I was wondering if this is a good switch? Also I saw this video on how to cut a hole into the lid of the biocube remove the lights nad have the ai prime stick through the hole. Has anyone...
  3. N11morales

    Biocube 32G Filtration

    Hello, I was wondering what type of filtration do people use on the 32G biocube. I was hoping to get to know what everyone uses for each back chambers and what products. I would like to upgrade my stuff really soon. If you have a recommendation or pictures of what y'all did please fill free to...
  4. MistahKrabs55

    Is a Biocube worth it?

    Is a 32 gal. Biocube worth it for my soon-to-be ocellaris clown pair? Also, please vote in my poll!
  5. ReeferWarrant

    A Warrant's 32g BioCube Build

    A little bit about myself, I've always been interested in marine life and never had the courage to try out a reef tank. My mother was a biology teacher and as a kid I was glued to anything the BBC produced that was related to the ocean. I spent my high school years working at a pet store in...
  6. lrafello17

    Eshopps nano skimmer for biocube 16

    So I just got my very first Eshopps nano protein skimmer in my 16g biocube that I placed in the middle chamber. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but I got it to fit. I’ve had it for 1 day now and the bubbles will not stop coming out super fast regardless of the depth I place it. I fully...
  7. Fellersjohn6

    Ich Velvet or simply fighting sound?

    Hi, I have these two mai tai clownfish and what is going on is that my tank passed through a wipe out of ich/velvet (I’m not sure to be honest) and all my fish end up dying so I just left the tank empty for 7 weeks the fallow period and just two weeks ago I bought these two clownfish (they...
  8. D

    Bio cube 32 Return Flow Help

    Hi! I am about two months into my biocube 32 and have a few soft corals and one candy cane coral. They seems to do well when my return pump is off, they open up and are full, but shrink when it is on. I’ve tried to reposition the corals and the pump direction of flow via the return outlet, but...
  9. Reefin87

    Biocube 32 upgrade advice please

    Hi all, I’m new here and want to get some recommendations for upgrading my biocube. currently I have the following: Coralife biocube 32 led Sicce 1.5 return pump with dual return loc line 1 koralia 240gph pump 1 koralia 425gph pump 1 koralia 565gph pump 1 koralia wave maker for two of the...
  10. N

    New to Saltwater Tanks - Starting 29g Biocube Reef Tank

    Hi All! I am new to saltwater tanks and have purchased a used 29g Coralife Biocube. My plan is to start a reef tank with some suitable fish and softy/LPS corals. After a month or so of research on forums like R2R (thanks for the help already!), I decided to start a thread on the setup and...
  11. Rams

    New Jersey 14g biocube

    Selling 14g bioucbe with led lights,tank has scratches and not visible with water.used it as QT for corals.asking 60$ pickup in central NJ.
  12. tribZ

    New Reef Startup on used 29g Coralife Biocube

    Recently bought a tank that was already setup with live rock and had an engineer goby in it. Wanting to start up a reef tank. All levels appear to be good but was wondering about any new advice on what I should do to get the perfect conditions for a reef tank. Thoughts: Going lidless and...
  13. D

    All refugium or make dividers

    Hey everyone, My biocube 16 (sps dominated) have been running for a year or more now, it has had a lot of algae issues sinces it started. It crashed not long ago but it is recovering now, im thinking of making an extra sump for it, it is a 20 gallon. Should i use the space for a skimmer or...
  14. D

    Diy sump for biocube 16

    So, this biocube is an sps tank, it has been running for about a year or more, a few months ago i had to go out of town and other people were caring for my tanks, sadly nobody knew how to dose and stuff so my sps tank crashed, although one large colony actually survived the crash. The tank is...
  15. C

    BioCube filtration

    Hey guys, I’m setting up a BioCube 32. I have a bunch of types of media including purigen, matrix, bio balls, floss, and crushed rubble. My question is, how essential is it that all the water flows through the media? I have a bag of matrix that’s just kind of floating in a chamber in my cube, it...
  16. Suggsreef

    Biocube lighting for all coral

    Looking for options that I can keep my hood and my hood be functional with lights that preferably fit under the shield where the shock lights are. What fits in the space where stock lights are besides stevesleds and nanobox considered doing an ai on top but would have to stay in place when...
  17. Suggsreef

    Biocube leds and coral growth

    Was wondering what everyone has had success growing with stock biocube leds? Things you’ve tried and lights weren’t enough for? Considering switching lights eventually but I have to leave my hood on and don’t care too much for the look of a light on top of the hood.
  18. Suggsreef

    Biocube led light help?

    Trying to figure out which setting is which on my 32g led biocube. I believe I need to cut down on my white lights. So which setting controls which lights and what is your lighting schedules?
  19. S

    Biocube 14 AI Prime Mod Keeping Hood

    Hello all this will be my first post so hope to peak some interest and as always get some feedback/input/ideas from all of you. Been out of the hobby for several years but something peaked my interest and I got sucked back into the vortex. I ended up picking up a Biocube 14 and After cycling...
  20. LaraLouM

    New 32G Biocube

    Just got a new-to-is Biocube 32G yesterday! Woohoo! We previously only had a 13.5G so this is really going to be a nice sized upgrade for us (yes I know it is still considered nano/small lol). The tank had been up and running and I believe used for housing anemones. It came with sand, water...
  21. M

    Biocube and Steve’s LEDs

    I have a 32 biocube and just upgraded to Steve’s leds with the bluefish controller. I currently am doing the recommended acclimation period. I am wondering if anyone has expieriece with the Biocube/StevesLEDs combo or something similar and what schedule/intensities have worked for them. Thanks...
  22. estevenson78


    Thought I'd post an update on my boicube progress! Basically, I just got back into saltwater tanks a few weeks ago! As the first pic should show I basically got 3 tanks for the price of 1/2 of a new biocube. They needed some new lighting for sure! The 3rd smaller tank didn't have a pump and a...
  23. Grootzilla

    Biocube 32: the cubening

    I just wanted to start a solid thread about my tank that isn't in the meet and greet forum lol. I have a Biocube32 with the stock lights at the moment (though I do plan to upgrade when I have the money for it), with an intank media basket that has filter floss on the top shelf and packed with...
  24. Luke iskra

    32g biocube and protein skimmer

    do you guys think a protein skimmer is a good idea for 32g biocube or could i get away without using one its been tough setting it up in the champers in the back and its alittle loud
  25. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 Skimmer

    I have a reef glass skimmer currently but want to use that on my new 10 gallon. Any upgrades that you guys know will fit? I know the tunze is a popular one but want to compare it to others that will fit. thanks