1. H


    Yesterday I upgraded my sump and added fresh water to it, tank was due for a water change but ran out of Red Sea coral salt. Anyway I turned the pumps back on and added a lot of beneficial bacteria to the tank (100ml). Today I torched are looking happy as ever so I checked the salinity and it’s...
  2. T

    Florida Live Goods Tank Teardown SALE - Oviedo, FL

    No shipping, local pickup only.
  3. Coral Kai

    California SOLD Torches: Indo Holy Grails, Golds, Masters, 24Ks + Scoly's and Flaming Mohicans

    Local pickup in Eagle Rock next to Glendale. Can provide more photos/videos upon request. I have a lot of other torches not listed as well. Coral Kai Reef IG Shipping available for a flat rate of $50. Will only ship Mon/Tue/Wed with FedEx Priority Overnight. Coral goes to whoever sends payment...
  4. Big Chief Reef

    Dragon Soul Torch vs. Hellfire Torch

    I'm doing a little research and after owning nearly every torch and variant there is under the sun, I'm wondering... What are the main differences that separate a Dragon Soul Torch, and a Hellfire Torch?
  5. ThePhoReefer

    California Live Goods Bay Area: dragon soul torches and utter chaos, Acantho, chalices

    Dragon soul torches $80 a frag 6x Indo torch $120 a frag 2x Utter chaos $20 a frag 4x Acanthophyllia $800 Flaming Bugatti chalice $400 #1 LC shockwave chalice $250 #3 Rainbow crush chalice. $ 150 # 2 Pickup only No shipping
  6. Reef Lounge Coral

    New WYSIWYG torches (with video) - Website update!

    Tons of gorgeous torches, from hgs to tigers, etc. lowest prices around! And for this week only, if you add 4 torches to your cart you will save 25% OFF OF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! PLUS FREE SHIPPING OVER $300
  7. Salty Sea Flowers

    Average, good,deal, over-the-top, pricing on torches?

    could someone, please tell me (honestly) what the— "average (about normal)" price... "good-deal (a total steal)" price... "over-the-top (excessive)" price... would likely be for any of the following torches? im just trying to get an idea of how to judge the prices im seeing from various...
  8. Matt F

    New Jersey Live Goods Dragon souls and Hell Fires will be at RAP NY

    Hey guys I have some dragon souls and he’ll fire torches up for grabs. Will be at RAP NY on Saturday morning if interested sent me a pm. Mother colony’s will be last pictures. Will NOT BE SHIPPING local pickup at RAP or 08822. Also in Edison nj from time to time will be in Edison on Sunday...
  9. B

    Georgia Live Goods Torches for sale. Can Ship!

    I have a few torches for sale. Prices will be posted under the picture. Torches that do not sell after one week will be cut and sold per the head. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Will sell all of them for $1400. Tripple head almost 4 head $400 Tripple head hellfire $300 Double...
  10. HB AL

    California Live Goods 2 beautiful tank raised torches, a Hellfire and Dragon Soul

    I'm selling 2 of my prized torches that have been tank raised by my for the last year. Bought each for $300 a head the Hellfire is around 8 to 10 heads with some of them splitting again and the Dragon Soul is now around 7 heads or so with some splitting again. They are super healthy and for now...
  11. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  12. RedCarpetReef

    High End Torch Packs, and Individual Frags- WYSIWYG- Will Ship

    **Financing Available** Feel free to pm for combo deals, Free Shipping on Orders over $400 Shipping is $49.99 Flat Rate on orders below $400 DOA Policy: The following DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send a clear picture of perished coral within 4 hours of reception for credit...
  13. Boogiedown_Reef

    New York Live Goods INDO GOLD TORCHES

    Multiple Indo gold torches available 1 head-$100 2 heads $190 3 heads $$250 Pick up at 10520 (will deliver for an additional fee) PM for Number and Video
  14. CUSE1315

    Naturally Grafted Torch

    I was fortunate enough to acquire this naturally grafted gods torch from Indo. Does anyone else have naturally grafted torches? What has been the results of the formation of new heads?
  15. Coral Kai

    California SOLD Torches: Indo Holy Grail, HG Variants, Dragon Tamers, Malaysian 24k - Local only by Glendale/Pasadena

    Sorry everyone... will be cancelling this posting due to a family emergency. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year Hope everyone is having an awesome winter break. Will not be shipping this round due to the holidays. If you are in SoCal and looking for some torches, I will be working from home all...
  16. Elitecorals

    Klir Fleece Filter Roller

    Barely used preferably pickup in orlando
  17. OuteastREEFS

    Spooky Season - Coral update on site now - 60 Dollar torches still available
  18. PV Reefs

    Holy Grail Torches

    Got a few holy grail torches available
  19. OuteastREEFS

    Sunday Fun Day!!! 10%code inside today only on the site!!!

  20. Hillpag


    A huge SHOUT OUT To hooked on aquatics, I now have about 25 of his torches and they are INSANE!!! Great pricing, thorough customer service and huge attention to detail. Every piece is prepped with a thorough regimen of revive, chemi clean and dip, which means I receive healthy thriving Torches...
  21. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods Torches and blasto pack

    Hey everyone, I have some torches and a blasto pack for sale (all wysiwig). Each picture has a number and the names and prices are listed below. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. Pictures are taken on my Samsung 21 in pro mode. I...
  22. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods torches - wysiwig

    Hey everyone, I have some torches for sale and names and prices are on the wysiwig pictures. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. I accept PayPal for payment. If shipping, it's an extra $50 and after purchase we can set a ship out...
  23. OuteastREEFS

    Frag Out Friday!!! Updated corals in WYSIWYG section, Master Wellso!! Be sure when you click on a coral to view picture, there is also a video highlight of each coral if you swipe to the right it will be there. Might take some time to load. Have a great weekend!!!
  24. M

    Emerald crab nipping at torch?

    Do emerald crab nip at torches are night? I took some pictures. I thought they were reef safe? Anybody have this issue before?
  25. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods Torches

    Hey everyone, I have some torches for sale and names and prices are on the wysiwig pictures. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. I accept PayPal for payment. If shipping, it's an extra $50 and after purchase we can set a ship out...