1. TCK Corals

    400+ WYSIWYG Frag Update 6.29 - 6.30

  2. ACF930

    Pennsylvania 2 Headed Dragon Tamer Torch

    2 Headed Dragon Tamer Torch with direct lineage to Reefdreamz. SOLD Reviews on my previous sales: 2 heads (that can be cut from my colony)
  3. ACF930

    Pennsylvania 4 Headed Indo Gold Torch SOLD

    Indo Gold Torch with 4 heads. This variant can develop long skinny tentacles and is very pretty. Not the typical Indo Golds you normally see. Great mini colony. $900 Shipped Reviews of my previous sales: 4 Headed Indo...
  4. BCFCF564-5BAA-49D2-967A-F98FBE898E28.jpeg


    euphyllia glabrescens: WA torch (West Australian) Super RARE : Ultra Toxic Pineapple yellow tip torch
  5. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Holy Grail Torch

    24k Holy Grail with 2 chunky heads. One head is in the later process of splitting, so soon to be 3 heads. $2500 shipped. PM for any questions. These threads include reviews on my previous sales:
  6. Kvnsu

    North Carolina Aussie Gold Torch

    Hello everyone, have an Aussie gold torch for sale. It is a 4 head splitting, asking $825 shipped. Price is negotiable, PM me offers. Standard DOA rules apply. Pictures with coral in the original bag within 2 hours of delivery. Must be received on first delivery attempt. Shipping NON-Refundable.
  7. J

    Florida Icecap 3k gyre for trade for coral

    Looking to see if any local south florida hobbyists have any corals they would like to trade for my icecap 3k gyre. It was bought and used for about 10 min. It was much to much flow for my tank so back out it came. It is in the box as it came from the factory. Let me know what you have.