1. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods Torches and blasto pack

    Hey everyone, I have some torches and a blasto pack for sale (all wysiwig). Each picture has a number and the names and prices are listed below. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. Pictures are taken on my Samsung 21 in pro mode. I...
  2. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods torches - wysiwig

    Hey everyone, I have some torches for sale and names and prices are on the wysiwig pictures. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. I accept PayPal for payment. If shipping, it's an extra $50 and after purchase we can set a ship out...
  3. OuteastREEFS

    Frag Out Friday!!! Updated corals in WYSIWYG section, Master Wellso!! Be sure when you click on a coral to view picture, there is also a video highlight of each coral if you swipe to the right it will be there. Might take some time to load. Have a great weekend!!!
  4. M

    Emerald crab nipping at torch?

    Do emerald crab nip at torches are night? I took some pictures. I thought they were reef safe? Anybody have this issue before?
  5. jmags080307

    New Jersey Live Goods Torches

    Hey everyone, I have some torches for sale and names and prices are on the wysiwig pictures. If you want any videos or pictures of the skeleton, please send me a PM and I'm happy to provide. I accept PayPal for payment. If shipping, it's an extra $50 and after purchase we can set a ship out...
  6. Coral Kai

    California Live Goods [Listing Closed] GMK, Exospheres, Flaming Mohicans, Scoly's, HG and Tiger Torches

    Local pickup in Eagle Rock next to Glendale. Can provide videos on request. Shipping available for $50 but will prioritize local buys over shipping. Will only ship Mon/Tue/Wed with UPS next day air. Free shipping at 500 and will ship to the continental US only. This listing is closed A –...
  7. L

    Florida Live Goods ASSORTED CORALS

    Shipping in FL $25 Contiguous US $50 Free shipping at $400 Package deals available. GONIS: Left to Right: Green Alve $75 Pink/Blue Alve $90 Sweet Tart $120 Starburst $100 ORA Red Goni $80 WWC Hot Pink $80 LRO Candy Apple Goni $100 Rainbow Road $125 Sunflower Goni $80 Candyland Goni $150...
  8. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey Live Goods Double Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    last few frags of my torch dragon soul torch colony! only double heads available: $210 Pick up in North NJ only also for sale: utter chaos colonies, crazy ricordea mushroom rocks, various montis
  9. S

    “Rare” torches are a con

    It occured to me this morning as im scrolling thru my ig an a few other haunts… Reseller after reseller selling their “rare” torches. Torches that literally grow like trees have many many vendors with large grow outs an plenty of stock to keep them pumping out. To paraphrase the princes...
  10. tht_reef

    California WTB Looking For LPS

    I’m located in Fountain Valley, CA. I’m looking for some LPS corals! Send them my way! Or any Kenya trees/macro algae Looking to fill in some spots for the tank & doing some early Christmas shopping!
  11. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Many Corals For Sale...

    Green Splatter Hammer two large head splitting $60 Large Kenya tree frag 4-5" in diameter-$20 Very Bright Green Lepto on 1 1/2" frag disk-$25 3-heads or green and purple Frammer -$45 Green and purple tipped Frammer (4 heads Splitting into 8) $85 Space Invader Pectina 2-3" (3-4 eyes each)...
  12. Jersey Corals

    HG Torch For Sale!

    Indo HG Torch!
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    ALL NEW!!! TSA Coral Care Series is now live!

    Hey guys and gals! We just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. We have been working on a lot of new content for everyone and are happy to announce that we have launched our Coral Care Series on YouTube! We will be posting videos weekly which will highlight a different kind of coral...
  14. J

    Torches, chalice, and more!

    Hello all, I'm looking to move the corals attached below. Prices are as follows: A: Rainbow Chalice frag $120 (Mother colony shown as well) Frags were made 2 months ago. B: Red Indo Cynarina $260 C: Teal And Orange Acanthophylia $900 D: Dragon Soul Torch $160 E: Rainbow Welsophylia $285...
  15. Sakudo4

    California Torches Fs

    I have 3 frags available of gold torches available AKA Jesters with green centers All 3 are splitting heads soon to be 2 heads Asking 225$ each Available in Anaheim
  16. Sakudo4

    California 2 torches Fs

    I have 2 torches available 1. Pastel 85$ 2. Peach tips 70$ Available in Anaheim
  17. O

    Need help with Flow for torch coral

    Hello I’m new to corals and I have 3 torches I believe. But I don’t seem to see my torches extending how it did from when I purchased them. Please help. Should I blast the torches with flow ?
  18. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Euphylia, zoas, monties, plates, torches, and war corals

    Have quite a few frags to clear out of my frag tank. Will ship for $50 or 25$-35$ in Washington state, standard DOA 2 hour proof of death with picture upon arrival -Green and purple frog spawn $15 a head. -green and purple hammers $15 a head. -large Indo green and purple hammer $20 a head...
  19. JoshB94

    Confusing Torch Losses and Success Stories

    Hey everyone! Looking for some feedback on your success and failure rate of keeping aussie vs indo torches along with my current situation. So I have 3 tanks that all are flourishing, fairly stable parameters around 8dkh, 36ppt salinity, 77 degrees, higher nutrients (20ish nitrates) and .14...
  20. E

    Washington, D.C. Livestock Trade Looking for some high end torches - have SPS

    I’m looking to get some nice higher end torches and have a lot of SPS to trade. I have old school Acros like SSC and pink lemonade to higher end stuff like Battle coral pieces and Reef Raft. I’m located in northern Virginia about 40 mins outside of DC. I can also ship if that’s easier. If...
  21. BighohoReef

    Show a little torch love

    Hey Reef2Reef Family... Looking for a little torch love today to help light up my life. What do you have growing in the tank?!?
  22. stebbins

    Michigan Livestock Trade Looking for torches have high end sps to trad

    I’m looking for any torches. I already have INDO orange and dragon soul but interested in any other torches or og bounce mushroom.
  23. ACF930

    Pennsylvania ASD Holy Grail Torch (Chunky size)

    Large chunky head of ASD Holy Grail torch. Head is very bright, healthy, and bigger than a quarter (see pic below). SOLD Reviews from my previous sales:
  24. endeavouraquatics

    Livestock HOT Weekend DEALS! Naturally Grafted Torches, Lobos and MORE!

    We have some awesome weekend deals for you guys! $199 Naturally Grafted Torches $39 Lobos (Any Size) $19 Trachyphyllia and MORE!
  25. N11morales

    32G Biocube lighting for torches

    Hello, I would like to get peoples input on what I should change my biocube lighting schedule too. I would like to add more blue light into the schedule. I don't really like running so much white light all the time. Only schedules i can find are people running with nothing but high % of white...