3d printing for the wisco club


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Sep 22, 2009
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Hi All,

So I bought a 3d printer earlier this year to print a bunch of projects. Thought I'd offer up these services to the wisco club.

Please note, this is not a business for me, and I'm not interested in making this a commercial endeavor. I'm quite busy with my family and work, so you'd have to be patient with me. Pick up would be near Appleton WI.

I think I'd be able to print most things for $5 assuming you're ok with the filament colors I have on hand. I use Atomic filament PETG crystal clear and deep black for reef safe options that go in saltwater, this is a very high quality filament is made in the USA and I've had good luck with it. I have more filament colors for things that don't go in saltwater.

I have zero CAD skills, any and all prints would need to be STL files someone else has made, this also means I'm unlikely to make any modifications to 3d files you find on the internet. Max print size for my prusa mini is ~7" cube; works great for smaller functional items (frag plug holders, filter cups, vortech guards, funnels, organization, etc...) but not great for large items like light shades.

Links to find STL files:

Let me know if I can help! Don't be surprised if I'm a bit slow to respond.

filter cup.png filter cup printing.png filter cup installed.png Frag holders.png Hannah funnel and stand.png Nyos box.png Screenshot 2022-06-27 193957.png
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