A2 Apex to A2 Apex migration

Tidal Gardens


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Jun 15, 2022
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Any luck?
Not much. I've got a support request in with Neptune in case I get nowhere. At this point I can hook up the OLD Apex and get to my old dashboard but none of the configurations I had show up in the tiles. I can go through the gear and wrench icons and see my programmed feed times. Mostly the tiles don't work, i.e. DOS pumps aren't configured, ATO not working. I do still have access to my notes which I was told I would not have after the new Apex is installed. When I hook up the new Apex I get the Apex disconnected window with my old dashboard greyed out in the background.
When I try to use my IP address for the new Apex to link with fusion I reach the sign in page but the Admin 1234 doesn't work and I don't remember changing it, plus it's a new device so I don't know if an old user name and password would even apply. When I put in the old Apex IP address I get, Safari Can't Open the Page. In each case I have a wired connection to the internet when I attempt to link to fusion. So I've disconnected my COR's from the Apex and have my skimmer and UV on pwr strips. I'm shutting everything down manually for feedings.


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Tidal Gardens

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