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Jul 26, 2018
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Oakdale, PA
Just cleaning up here and I want to get rid of these items. I made everything and it is all from cast acrylic and laser cut. These Items are brand new never used. I just dont plan on selling these items anymore due to time and just want to get rid of these before I break them. Frag tang is approx 30"x20"x8". Its a all one unit that was made for a customer and could not pay due to covid....(well that what he said). There are several nem/mushroom boxes. singles, doubles, triples and quads. you will need to apply magnets or suction cups. I will also include all the extra parts and glue I have to make several more nem boxes. There is also several frag racks. What you see is what you get. no shipping on the frag tank and wont breakup the package of the other items.

So you can buy everything, or just the frag tank or just the nem/shroom boxes and frag racks. I wont ship the frag tank. you will need to pick it up near the PGH, PA airport. Looking for torch corals, tangs for the frag tang, small kessil for AIO cube tank and what ever else you may have.

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