All LPS Slowly Dying


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Jul 20, 2020
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I really do appreciate it. I have answered some of the question below -
  • I have tried highlight and and low light, long duration and shorter duration and nothing seemed to make a difference.
  • Soft coral toxin does sound logical and maybe I could set up a spare tank somewhere and take them out to see if that makes any difference. The only thing I would say is that these same corals have been together for years albeit in a slightly bigger tank so I would have seen something earlier.
  • I run carbon and I have tried very large water changes and smaller water changes which made no difference
  • Salinity has been checked with a calibrated hanna and a Refractometer
  • Water parameters are stable and I dose Calcium, Alk and Mineral salts (bailing method) every hour 24/7.
  • I normally feed my fish just pellets and let the corals live off the waste from the fish and the bacteria which I dose and increase through carbon dosing. However, several weeks back, I have started to broadcast feed frozen food so the corals will also be taking up some nutrients from that food as well now.
The only thing that seems to have halted the deterioration is dipping them. This has led me to believe there is a bug, parasite or bacterial infection that I cannot see, but is being knocked back every time I dip them. What is really frustrating is that although the dipping seems to halt the deterioration, the corals do not look much better than before being dipped and it has spread to all my LPS corals. If I stop dipping, I am sure they will just die. I now dip them once a week. All my SPS corals are fine and growing like weeds and none of them have been dipped yet. Whatever it is, it is specific to LPS.

It is heartbreaking seeing all my LPS just die and there seems nothing I do that stops it. Down to my last 6 LPS corals, all showing signs of STN. All my other LPS have been lost :-(

Thanks again
My hammers were in the same tank as my Nepthea for a year before I saw issues. It must have been that it grew too large and produced too many toxins for my filtration to remove. Just my experience.
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