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almost complete setup - Prefer to sell as package - Salem OR

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Jun 21, 2021
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This is all located in NE Salem

Would greatly prefer to just sell this as a complete package to someone. Basically everything (hardware) you need to get started - tank, stand, leveling mat, lid, sump, skimmer, heater and heater controller, return pump, wave pumps, lights, rock, sand, salt, testers, monitor, plumbing and fittings, even a utility pump for pumping water out of your big brute garbage cans or whatever

I collected all of this stuff over time a few years ago while I was waiting for my daughter and grandkids to move out so there would be room to setup my tank.

After the moved out and while rearranging the house, I started getting paranoid about whether the floor would hold the tank, so I paused while I looked into that and other life crap kicking my rear, and now my daughter and grandkids are moving back in. I'm not going to have the room to set this up, and I'm tired of having everything just sitting. It makes me sad to put it up for sale, but it makes me sadder to keep looking at all of it, knowing I'm so close to my reef tank. Maybe eventually when they move back out, I'll have been able to save up for a red sea reefer or other package or something and finally have my tank.

There's almost too much to list here, I may forget some odds and ends. Almost all is brand new and either unopened, opened to inspect but not used, or in the case of the eflux flow pump was used for 2 weeks to circulate water in a barrel with rocks to clean. A couple items like the RODI and sump I bought used and cleaned up or rehabbed. The materials for the stand alone, plus the tank, were right about 2k. All total, I have well over 3k into all of this. Asking 2k OBO for all of it. We can discuss the price if you think it's unfair.

90 Gallon starfire 36x24x24 center overflow tank from SC aquariums - brand new still in the original packaging and on the pallet it was delivered on

Custom designed and built aluminum extrusion stand 24 x 48 (oversized for the tank, was in case I decided to upgrade to a larger tank), very heavy duty, has 4 heavy duty casters with leveling feet, 1/2 inch HDPE shelf for the bottom, 3/4 inch HDPE for the top, assembled with strong anchor connectors, with a cutout (and bracing) for the center rear plumbing, so you don't have to have plumbing sticking out the back - used to store tank items

1/4 inch self leveling adhesive backed foam aquarium mat from BRS - new

Red Sea DIY net tank cover + extra corners/clips - brand new

Trigger systems emerald 26 inch sump - used when I bought it, could use a cleaning but nothing terrible

IOAOI DC skimmer with controller and power supply - new

Inkbird wifi smart controller with 2 temp probes - new

BRS titanium 300w heater - new

Current USA eflux 1900gph DC return pump with controller - used for 2 weeks circulating water in barrel with rocks

3x eflux 1050 GPH accessory wave pumps - brand new

2x orbit marine ic pro 36 inch lights (for 36 -48 inch tanks), loop controller, rimless mounting arms for the lights - hooked up once to turn on and make sure they worked then disconnected again. As I learned after I bought them, the lights probably wouldn't be sufficient for anything but a soft coral tank, but they're still working lights that will integrate with the eflux pumps and the loop controller and smart phone app. Of course the pumps can integrate and use the loop controller without the lights as well. If you don't want to use the lights, you can just control the pumps together with the app, or set it once and forget it.

2x koralia 240 gph circulation and wave pump - brand new

Sicce ultrazero utility pump - new

brand new PVC tubing, various elbows, connectors, unions, gate valve, soft braided tubing, all new and from BRS

Length of soft silicon tubing to go between pump and plumbing for vibration isolation - new, from brs

Ratchet clamps for soft tubing

Barracuda RODI unit - used when I bought it; replumbed, filters replaced, dual probe TDS meter added, plus a bag of BRS mixed bed DI resin

Seneye reef monitor - new, opened, unused

Hanna Reef Professional Kit, new but the reagents are certainly expired by now.

Refractometer, calibration solution - used once

Aquablade tank scraper - new

New Unopened tub of Tropic Marin Pro-Reef

New Unopened 40lb bag of Ocean Direct sand - obviously not live after sitting for this long

New Box of Marco Rocks and unopened tub of marco aquascape bonding mortar, BRS thick gel glue, bottle of coral dip - all unopened. Not sure if coral dip expires?

Also have some loose rocks that have been sitting outside on a table that I had started to work on trying to build some aquascape, from the marco rocks, that can go with

Have an old dilapidated tub of rocks I had gotten with an old lot of used stuff as well - these were soaked in a barrel with a mild bleach solution for a week with a pump circulating, then rinsed, then put through 3 rounds of soaking in plain fresh water with a pump circulating, then draining and refilling with fresh water, spraying off in between. They've been sitting outside, but they are welcome to go with the lot as well.

PXL_20230819_143949234.jpg PXL_20230819_144010661.MP.jpg PXL_20230819_151256604.jpg PXL_20230819_151313825.jpg PXL_20230819_151318332.jpg PXL_20230819_151548373.jpg PXL_20230819_151554741.jpg PXL_20230819_152126889.jpg PXL_20230819_152137934.jpg PXL_20230819_152140520.jpg PXL_20230819_152145482.jpg PXL_20230819_152149816.jpg PXL_20230819_152232708.jpg PXL_20230819_152357099.jpg PXL_20230819_153029835.jpg PXL_20230819_153033532.jpg PXL_20230819_153153080.jpg PXL_20230819_153604955.jpg PXL_20230819_153608824.jpg PXL_20230819_153611969.jpg PXL_20230819_153631140.jpg PXL_20230819_154424638.MP.jpg PXL_20230819_154432252.jpg PXL_20230819_154440812.jpg PXL_20230819_154450511.MP.jpg PXL_20230819_154609020.MP.jpg PXL_20230819_154647706.jpg PXL_20230819_155338906.jpg PXL_20230819_155432571.jpg PXL_20230819_155530115.jpg PXL_20230819_155753143.jpg PXL_20230819_162505413.jpg PXL_20230819_174125387.jpg


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Jan 14, 2022
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new jersey
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what a shame. i think you should set it up and enjoy it, your daughter and grand kids cant take that much room. your a grandpa you deserve it.


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Jul 22, 2018
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Colorado Springs Colorado
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If you decide on breaking it up I would be interested in:

Current USA eflux 1900gph DC return pump with controller - used for 2 weeks circulating water in barrel with rocks

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