Ammonium Hydroxide or Ammonium Chloride


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Feb 10, 2013
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New Cumberland, PA
Hi Everyone. I'm having a 20g Waterbox Cube delivered today and was going to start setting it up over the weekend. I'm going with live sand, Bio-Spira and then planning to manually dose either Ammonium Hydroxide NH4OH(aq) or Ammonium Chloride NH4Cl(s) I can grab from my lab.

Ammonium Hydroxide.
28-30% as NH3.
As and Sb (as As) <= 3000ppb
heavy metals (as Pb) as <=500ppb.

Ammonium Chloride
Heavy Metals (as Pb) <= 5ppm

Is one preferred over the other? What is the recommended concentration in the tank so I know what I need to dose. Also, what's the recommended conversion time for the bacteria to convert the target concentration?

For example 3ppm Ammonia converted to Nitrate in <12h.

Or should I just dispense with the dosing and chuck in one raw shrimp for a few days. :)

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