AQUASD "Cyber Monday Sale" Begins Now! Save an Additional 15% OFF Black Friday Coral Prices!

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May 17, 2011
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1. Use our calendar to select your delivery date. We will use the delivery date selected on your first order. Orders placed afterwards do not have to have the same delivery date. Due to the heavy discounts. There are limited amounts of ship outs per day, and will be first come first served.

2. We can combine your orders! If you have an order pending to go out after our live sale, and shipping is already paid for, we can add the live sale purchases to that order. No additional shipping fee required.

3. Please check out completely to secure your order. Having an item in your cart doesn't mean it's saved for you, other customers have a chance of purchasing it if they check out first.

Rock solid aquascape: Does the weight of the rocks in your aquascape matter?

  • The weight of the rocks is a key factor.

    Votes: 12 8.8%
  • The weight of the rocks is one of many factors.

    Votes: 46 33.8%
  • The weight of the rocks is a minor factor.

    Votes: 44 32.4%
  • The weight of the rocks is not a factor.

    Votes: 32 23.5%
  • Other.

    Votes: 2 1.5%