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Discussion in 'Neptune Systems' started by spartanman22, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Hey all I’m not the best with programming so hoping someone can help me. I’ve got a float switch wired into an IO box to run my ATO pump. I’d like to set it up so that the ATO only kicks on once an hour for 30 seconds max.

    I’m trying to cut down on it kicking on frequently, and to prevent the ATO from sticking on in the event the float gets stuck open.

    Is this possible, and if so can someone offer some suggestions.


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    To keep it from kicking on frequently from sump waves you could add a defer statement. to prevent it from sticking on you could add a high water float switch.

    The only thing I can think of that is a possibility would be to make a profile for the ATO. Make a profile that says if the switch is open OSC 000:00/000:30/059:30

    Then in the ATO program just run the profile
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