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    Hello there, I have ordered a few items from recently and the fact that I can get next day delivery in NJ is huge. For the majority of my items, I use The largest online retailer and can say with confidence that their product selection is the best but they cannot ship to me in less than 4 days without paying extra due to distance to my house from their warehouse,sometimes it takes entire breaker.

    I would order everything from you guys but I have some suggestions in your product selection. I see a lot of focus on one time items like lights, aquariums, skimmers...but not enough on ongoing items like RODI filters, CA/CO3 options, best carbon filters, best sediment filters, GAC, best particular, here is what I need. Yes, you can thank me and send a check when your business really takes off :)

    - ESV 8 gallon CA/CO3 pack at a good price
    - good sediment and carbon 1 micron filter options sold as a pack to be cost effective. 1 sediment with 2 carbon blocks.
    - a good GAC source, which is not too difficult to clean, has high absorption but is also not too small that it floats away
    - Red Sea salt and Fritz RPM at good price. I know you carry both of them but maybe you can start bulk buy for salt. I do a lot of water change on my 500 gallon system and it adds up.

    Thanks and appreciate the follow up in advance. Keep up the fast shipping.

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    Hell yea. I will look into this and send you a check :)
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