Building my own AIO Nano Reef.


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Oct 10, 2020
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United Kingdom
First ever post so hello R2r,

Looking to get into the marine hobby and will be setting up a reef tank I have been doing research for a very long time and have already begun collecting equipment and other bits.

Have already purchased Hanna Checkers for Calcium, Alkalinity & Phosphorus ULR, For sand I will be using Tropic Eden Reef flakes, going to be buying Marco Rock and doing a proper 4 month cycle. (I have watched virtually all BRS TV Videos).

My question is who do you think has the best AIO design currently on the market? Waterbox seem to get alot of compliments the fact that they use the full depth of the tank. I like the design over the dual overflow found in the likes of the IM Fusion Lagoon, don't like the fact that the Chambers don't go to the bottom of the tank.

I will be building this tank myself, I have quite abit of background in CAD Design with the likes of Solidworks so will be making it so the I can alter between possibly have a filter and then also have the ability to change to a media basket config if I choose to do so.

So who do you believe currently has the best AIO Design?
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