custom build

  1. Leon Gorani

    Has anyone made a custom set up for a Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 in a Red Sea 170?

    I am trying to figure out how I can fit the Klir Di-4 filter roller into the sock section of a Red Sea 170. I am thinking of ripping out the glass and holder of the filter sock and making a custom tray/holder to hold this type of filter roller. I have a new Red Sea 170 so I do not want to mess...
  2. ocpondpoacher

    What Do You Need 3d Designed & Printed (YouTube Channel)

    Hey Everyone, I started a thread about designing some 3d models for R2R members (Christmas Thread Link). I ended up designing 6 projects and really enjoyed them. I decided to convert the Christmas thread into this one and keep the offer open to the Reef2reef community. Here is the Plan...
  3. H

    AIO Build Building my own AIO Nano Reef.

    First ever post so hello R2r, Looking to get into the marine hobby and will be setting up a reef tank I have been doing research for a very long time and have already begun collecting equipment and other bits. Have already purchased Hanna Checkers for Calcium, Alkalinity & Phosphorus ULR...
  4. SfSteady

    Need help on custom surface draw "box"

    My goal is to use this 24 gallon Aquapod (similar to a biocube) without the back separator. The previous owner removed it and honestly I want the real estate. In its place I tried already to insert upright a closed off the bottom PVC pipe with slits cut into it similar to any draw box. The pipe...
  5. nept2n

    Build Thread Downsized - New 120 Build

    Yup “downsized” I had a 300-gallon mixed reef about 5 years until Hurricane Irma did me in. My tank would not survive, I couldn’t recover and I could afford to start from scratch. Been out for 2 years, but enough of these woes and on to the good stuff. I am excited to come back but I am...
  6. Salted220

    Large Build My new 220 wall unit build

    220 tank with standard corner overflows. It's got a pro clear 4 and 1 sump, red sea skimmer, 1 cor 20 and 1 diablo return pump, 4-72" Reefbright led lights, will be changing them out one of these days. Apex controller. Let me know what you guys think. I have not had a tank in a while so just...
  7. H

    Build Thread Custom Building 100G reef from scratch. *WHERE TO BEGIN?*

    So i seen a few threads of members showing off their tanks and i enjoyed it very much! So know i want to share my build with everyone so i go and start digging up videos and pictures and wow i have so much documented i really dont know where to begin and i feel like i have too many pictures and...
  8. Dierks

    Build Thread Dierk's 75G Tank Build

    Well I figured I would start up a thread so I could track my new build! (Kinda figured this would be more for myself!) Well to start, I have built a 40 Gallon Nano Tank and loved every moment of it. I did Battle with a few things being a small tank but the joys you get from a nice tank out...
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