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    I placed an order on Aug 5th 2013 with It has now been over twenty days and I still have not received my items.

    I was first told it would ship two weeks ago. I never got tracking and surprise I never received my items. Once again on the 20th I was told my order shipped, still no tracking or items delivered.

    I sent several emails about shipping, and asking if everything was alright with them. The only time I got a response to an email is when I said "Hey bud, when will my order ship?†They responded to let me know their name is DANA... I never received any other replies to my emails.

    I also tried to reach them by phone, but I always got the machine.

    Don't let their prices fool you as they really are too good to be true. I opened a dispute in PayPal today, and within five minutes I had a refund. Amazing they can refund that quickly yet not respond to emails.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did and order from CCRITTERS.COM

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