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Mary Budin

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Aug 26, 2019
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I'm new to the hobby. My tank has been set up since March and cycle completed in May. I've been using Imagitarium Pacific boxed ocean water for my tank, as I live in the boonies and have a well and it takes an hour to make a gallon of RODI water and I worry about burning out my pump. I only make the RODI water to use as top off. My water levels haven't been great as far as calcium, mag and alkalinity. Calcium 350, Mag 1100 and Alk 9. I tested the boxed water yesterday and cal and mag were the same but the Alk was 11. So, I"m going to start making my own water using purchased distilled water. My question is how to go about introducing the new water into the tank. It's a RedSea Max e 260. 59 gallon display with 13 gallon behind the tank sump. I have 11 fish, an anemone, a toadstool and a struggling trumpet and torch coral. I do 10% water changes weekly. Should I just start using the mixed water in the water changes ...or combine some of the boxed water with the mixed water. Thanks for your help!


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Mar 2, 2019
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Yeah, there's no reason not to use 100% ASW with your first weekly water change after the switch. You might consider starting to dose the tank with Randy's 2-part DIY formula(s). You don't have to have a dosing pump to do this; I've been running a 20 gallon nano since 2004 by doing daily one-shot additions of calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate solutions.

Another thing to consider is getting a booster pump for your RODI system. You'll pay for it rather quickly versus buying distilled water.
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