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Cheap Corals, Softies and LPS

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Mar 20, 2023
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New York
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A few cheap frags for sale in NYC area. Not consider shipping atm. Package deal welcome. Pickup Brooklyn or can meet in midtown Manhattan during the week. Happy to answer all questions.

1. Splatter hammer: $35/two heads
2. Blue raven blasto: $15
3. Purple with green blasto: $15 for small, $20 for big
4. Gold Acan: $15 for small, $20 for big
5. John Deere Lepta: $10 for small, have $15 or $20 frags available
6. Neon Weeping Widow: $50
7. Purple Nephthea: $10/frag, bigger frag upon request
8. Green Capnella: $10/frag
9. Tricolor Poci: $15 for big frag
10. Green Goblin Anacropora: $15 for big frag
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