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Mar 27, 2019
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New Jersey

I picked up my first clam at ReefaPalooza NY yesterday, 6/27/21 and have some questions. I've done my research on clams before, but never pulled the trigger until the boss "fiance" said it just has to happen :)

- When I arrived home, I floated the clam for about 45 minutes to an hour before dumping the clam water into a drip acclimating plastic container, I matched freshly mixed salt water to my display tank salinity and temperature as my tank is a 30 AIO and I prefer not to pull 1 gallon of water from the tank. I slowly basted water in over the next 30 minutes letting it get up to speed.
- Cleaning the shell was my biggest concern, as I've read you shouldn't dip clams in anything, so I simply took to a tooth brush and a shiskabob stick to knock off anything looking foreign. This process took what felt like an hour, but in reality was probably closer to 10 minutes, constantly dunking the clam back in the water to keep moist.
- I prepared the location I wanted to set the clam, and rested it on a 2"x2" square frag plug to grab a hold of. I set the frag plug into the sand bed to "hide" the plug, but I am wondering if I should have just left it on the surface?

Is there anything else to really know of before it's been in the tank too long? Focus feeding is good?
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