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Oct 9, 2019
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Hey guys,
So I am a college student who has been successfully keeping coral for about two years now and I do aquarium set-ups, breakdowns, and maintenance for one of my LFS but need some other kind of income because as I progress in college, my schedule is getting crazier because I am trying to go to medical school. Like any reasonable reefer, my thoughts automatically went to potentially growing and selling coral (the owner of the LFS I work for said he'd gladly buy my corals so I already have somewhat of a market) and with all this human quarantining I need a project to work on so I figured might as well start now. My problem is that I do not know how I want to get started (I cannot use my display aquarium because it is in my parent's house and they want it to stay pretty). I have several 20 gallons lying around that I occasionally use for quarantine but I have also thought about building more of a frag tank (something like 3 foot by 8 inches) myself out of wood or maybe plastic that wouldn't have side panels. If I were to build, I would need to think of a clever way to rig flow and lighting. Also, if it is not clear, I am a college student, so I am mega broke. This also would be a coral/invert only system with function as the top priority rather than looks because it will probably rarely be seen by anyone but me. If you have any kind of idea please let me know.

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