1. Carebearsss.x

    Temperature Rising

    Hey everyone! So we have a 13.5 g Evo Tank & for some reason the temapture is running EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY high! ( 86,85,83,82 degrees f) We unplugged the heater & the AC is running on full blast.. Any ideas on why this may be happening!?!?!? I just bought $150 worth of corals & I don't...
  2. Carebearsss.x

    Unidentifiable Zoa

    Hello everybody! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up to our LFS and decided to buy some corals!! (Exciting Right!?!) Anyways while we were there, we seen these BEAUTIFUL Zoas that both my boyfriend and I couldn’t identify! We asked one of the workers what the name was, & he couldn’t...
  3. S

    Wave maker help

    whats best place to put my wave makers for circulation? Overflox is top right and return nozzles are top left. Right now not much in there just some clownfish, damsels dottyback and yellow tang. Some shrimp & snails. Coral wise got hammer Xenia zoas a Favia and blastomussa
  4. Crystal.Clear

    My First Plumbing! need Helps, Tips, and Ideas( please see the pictures)

    My First Plumbing! need Helps, Tips, and Ideas( please see the pictures) Hi guys hope everyone doing well these days. I'm gonna start with the story about my stand first. I visited my local fish shop to buy some snails and end up buying that stand ( I'm sure you all have those moments)...
  5. avgreen

    Coral Only Tank Build Ideas

    Hey guys, So I am a college student who has been successfully keeping coral for about two years now and I do aquarium set-ups, breakdowns, and maintenance for one of my LFS but need some other kind of income because as I progress in college, my schedule is getting crazier because I am trying to...
  6. mattybecks

    New Aquarium lights - what can I keep?

    Hi Guys, Been keeping a converted freshwater tank for a while now as Marine. I finally removed the canopy and got some proper lights. I was hoping for some ideas as to what I can keep under this lighting in terms of LPS and soft corals. I have always loved the look of hammers and...
  7. MSB123

    What are the 3 things that you think R2R can Add?

    I have been thinking about cool and helpful things that R2R can add to help us a reefers help others! I am specifically thinking about things that are too are could add to help Us help others with their issues and questions. Post your ideas in the thread and I will add them to the poll!
  8. F

    90g stocking list ideas

    Hi! I’m looking for anyone with some good full stocking lists for a 90g tank I do not want any LARGE fish (I’m not the kind to try and cram 2-3 tangs in there lol) It will need to be reed safe fish as I will have lots of Zoa’s And some LPS.... But I was thinking things like Basslets...
  9. MarineDepot

    Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $100

    @siggy suggested we put together a list of gift suggestions under $100 for Secret Santas ... here are 10 to get ya started! Pod Hotel - $24.95 Hanna Checkers - From $29.50 Mail-In Water Testing - From $29.95 Frag Racks - From $14 Tubing and Probe Holders - From $8.99 Return Nozzles - From...
  10. Hambonej

    What is this stuff?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  11. M

    All in One System advice

    I have been out of the saltwater hobby for nearly 6 years and I really want to get back into it. I used to have a 75G with 20G sump setup. Since I am military I move around every few years so I want to get a system that is easier to break down and take with me if possible. My biggest concern is...
  12. Aaron Davis

    Eel Possibilities

    Hey peeps, I currently have a 55 gal and am wanting to add an eel soon. For this tank I'm wanting to go with another snowflake eel or a dwarf golden. However; in the next couple years I plan on getting a 150 gal at least. I'm looking for some input on an eel to throw in that along with the...
  13. Johnson

    The Right Way To Return???

    I am in the middle of figuring out plumbing returns and over flows and I can't figure out how to set up my returns for a sleek look. I'm building a custom 450 gal. I am running a hammerhead/ barracuda reeflo from my basement. I know the outlet is inch and a half. I was debating on using loc line...
  14. Renelope

    Help Stocking my Tank

    Hello all, I'm hoping that all you great pros out there can provide me some guidance on how to stock the rest of my tank, so that I'm not overloading it with too many fish... Is there a general rule of thumb, total number of fish inches or something? I have a 90 gallon tank, and I'm setting...
  15. R

    Critisism/Help with 10 Gallon Nano Setup

    I have an idea for a 10 gallon tank setup and I really want some advice and criticism on my plans. I have a 10 gallon tank and a stand that i built for it. I plan on using this DIY PVC overflow( down to a 10 gallon sump hidden in the stand. I will have a...
  16. SuperDragon

    How do you organize your Apex cables?

    Hello friends, How do you organize your Apex or aquarium controller cables? Any pictures would be helpful. thanks