CoralVue Dual Gyre wifi controller

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Feb 17, 2020
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For the most part it works, set it and forget it... but every time I have to use their app tests my calm.... Last year when all this was setup I could use bluetooth in the app, the biggest annoyance was that the login wiped every time the app updated and I had to reset the password every time... ok fine, fast forward and they've made some improvements, I like the new look and control. I find it easier to see status and make adjustments, but I can't figure out why bluetooth is now read only. I have to do a factory reset and start over new because my WiFi SSID changed and I can't update this stupid device. :mad:o_O:mad:

Unless I'm missing something, but haven't been able to figure out any way to do so short of a full reset. And if that's the case maybe it's time to plop those in the sell pile and replace them with something that's easier to control from a single point eg Apex.
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