Dino’s or algae or....


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Mar 29, 2018
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Tank is 5 months old
Parameters are perfect

i recently started a transition to zeovit and my nutrients are very low
0 no3 and .06 po4

I noticed that essentially everyday I come home I find this brown stuff in the sand
I usually just stir it up and have been doing that for the last 2 days

everyone in this forum seems to be horrified about Dino’s which has me now horrified

can someone help ID this?

im at 1.024

8.1 alk
8.4 pH

the tank is on an auto water change system it does 20 gallons per week spread over the course of the week

tank is a 120
I took these pictures with a 15k filter and they are still pretty blue
It was at night when the tank is mostly actinic
Will try and get better pics tomorrow

AB3F246E-2669-42C6-9477-9D99637172EB.jpeg F3916781-7916-4253-AC57-7D709653F83D.jpeg 213FE0A2-1A8F-4C91-977F-8006D03B76ED.jpeg 7A3BC581-654F-460C-8B80-25846E204974.jpeg 573D92CE-056B-4C0E-8C3D-47C1F7C3F3CE.jpeg 27DB68D8-07EA-4520-BB4E-D062A111B849.jpeg 27125D9B-EDC1-4289-A7C9-08711E0117C1.jpeg FE6061A3-551B-42F2-89FE-E2CF15EDCF60.jpeg 2388671A-5547-47A9-BA23-901BD4895ECC.png
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