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Sep 1, 2021
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So, I’ve looked into the basic care for these fish and see they like to have live foods and rarely accept frozen.
I’d love a more in-depth way of caring for these fish though. I have a 20g Red Sea Max Nano and would love to add one of these. So, if you own one of these what I’d like to know is:
1. How do you care for yours?
2. How often to you see it?
3. Are they similar to other difficult level fish?
4. How are they compared to other gobies?
5. How much do you enjoy owning yours?

I’d love to know anything else too! Every bit of information helps. I own 5 “Difficult” to own fish so figured I could have a shot at a second difficult goby. In that tank there are:
Blue Star Leopard
Naokoae Fairy Wrasse

Linear Blenny
Hectors Goby
Yasha Goby
Black Clown Goby

I plan to have a second Clown Goby to try a pair, I’d love to know if there’s any issues between the ones I currently own in that tank. The difficult fish I own are:
- Radiant Wrasse
- Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
- Flashing Tilefish
- Copperband Butterflyfish
- WC Hectors Goby
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How many different food items do you feed your fish?

  • Only one food

    Votes: 17 5.1%
  • 2 Foods

    Votes: 33 9.8%
  • 3 Foods

    Votes: 80 23.8%
  • 4 Foods

    Votes: 50 14.9%
  • 5+ Different Foods

    Votes: 120 35.7%
  • 10+ Different Foods

    Votes: 36 10.7%
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