Do clown fish eat pods?



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Mar 30, 2021
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Indiana, USA
Hey all, just wanted to ask a quick question about my clownfish that hasn't been eating. I've had her for about a month, but she hasn't eaten in about 3-4 days. Usually she is a very active eater, swimming up to the top to get the pellets from my fingers as I put them in. I added some zoa frags, a pulsing xenia, and a yellow watchmen goby as well as a bunch of pods, and she hasn't eaten since then. My other clown as well as the goby and shrimp are all eating whatever I give them, and all the corals seem do be doing fine. I thought it may have just been stress from me adding in new livestock, but I think that the hunger would have taken over that by now.

She seems to be acting normally other than ignoring any food I put in, she just kind of hangs out by her rock and swims around. I did see her dart around a bunch though then hide under a rock while breathing heavy for a few seconds, then went back to normal. It looks like she may be eating things out of the water? I do see a fair amount of particles in the water column but I'm not sure if its just the pods or what. I see a bunch of the pods all over the glass eating algae. I did also have a case of what I think was lymphocystis in my other clown, but it got better and he never showed any symptoms other than small white blotches on the end of his fins. The female never had any symptoms or white blotches. I guess what I'm asking is, should I be worried about my fish not eating, or could it just be stress/her eating the pods?
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Mar 4, 2019
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Puyallup, Wa USA
U added new.things. new pecking order. on..give it some.time.
Change ur feeding habits up a little maybe too or alternate some diffrent foods.
Live great.imo.if u can find it. CL usually has foods for aquariums as well. Fresh whatever as long as its clean. Healthy and live. Its food. Lol.

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