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Jul 24, 2020
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Fort Lauderdale
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This is one of those "If you know, you know" things. We'll explain - In 2021 we had a naming contest for one of our baby Biota captive bred Golden lined Rabbitfish. We were expecting a silly name like Fishy McFishface, but Biota fans chose the name "Dumptruck" in a landslide win. By popular demand, we're offering this T-shirt so you can show how much you love Dumptruck.

Little Dumptruck's mission in life is to teach kids about ocean conservation and how aquaculture plays an important role. You can help Biota give back to the ocean. For every Biota fish you buy, we release at least TWO of Dumptruck's captive bred Rabbitfish friends into the wild. We release valuable food fish into the waters of Palau, helping to restore depleted populations. Support our mission and join the growing number of aquarium keepers who care about ocean conservation!

Why Aquariums?

Aquariums are the windows to our oceans. Our belief is that Aquariums play a very important role in Ocean Conservation. We are convinced that by bringing the awe and beauty of our Oceans into people’s lives we create passion for its protection. Many people in our research and conservation partners institutions and fellow aquaculture community choose to dedicate their lives to ocean conservation and research due to a connection to the oceans firstly planted in their minds as kids being fascinated about the beauty of a vibrant Reef Aquarium.
Feel good about where your fish come from

Biota fish are sustainably bred in our marine life nurseries, providing you with an ocean-friendly alternative for your aquarium. We have successfully cultured more than 100 fish species, including many world firsts, for the global aquarium market. By purchasing aquacultured marine species, you are ensuring long-term jobs in remote locations and directly contributing to reducing collection from the wild.
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